Definition of consulting room in English:

consulting room


  • A room in which a doctor or other therapeutic practitioner examines patients.

    • ‘Four of the charges relate to alleged incidents involving NHS patients at Leeds General Infirmary and the remainder cover his private practice in consulting rooms in Headingley, Leeds, and at the hospital in Horsforth.’
    • ‘The new surgery is expected to include four doctors' consulting rooms, a treatment room for two nurses and a minor operations room.’
    • ‘Clinicians need to engage with patients' priorities in order to understand how prescribed drugs will actually be used once patients have left the consulting room.’
    • ‘Today almost all general practitioners have computers in their consulting rooms and are connected to the NHSnet.’
    • ‘General practitioners work mostly in their consulting room, normally seeing one patient at a time on a one to one basis, and their computer systems are designed for a limited number of uses.’
    • ‘As an insight for doctors into what happens after a patient leaves the consulting room, when everyone else starts having a say on their condition, it is invaluable.’
    • ‘After a long and unsatisfactory consultation, she left my consulting room leaving me aware that I had failed to meet her need.’
    • ‘Doctors were given 30 minutes to interview the patient in a consulting room at this institution.’
    • ‘If you visit the consulting room of any practitioner of medicine in India, you'll always find some religious icon of one kind or the other.’
    • ‘The upper floor of the clinic will provide HIV patients with a consulting room, a kitchen, and a visitors' area.’
    • ‘Treatment rooms for massage and mud baths run around the east edge of the complex and the new pavilion at the southeast corner houses the doctors and their consulting rooms.’
    • ‘In a few isolated instances patients were informed only when they reported to reception and others only when met by the general practitioner on their way to the consulting room.’
    • ‘Other doctors working from private consulting rooms - as Vinall did for 15 years - have been further beyond the reach of regulation with minimal statutory checks upon them.’
    • ‘How doctors decorate their consulting rooms can be a matter of style, personal preference, territorial imperatives, or culture.’
    • ‘The public side of the diagnostic radiology service is a dedicated registration area, central viewing room and consulting rooms.’
    • ‘The new practice will boast 10 consulting rooms, two operating theatres, and three treatment rooms.’
    • ‘This restricts the sites to, perhaps, a consulting room at a community pharmacy or other outpatient clinic.’
    • ‘Many clinicians liked to glance through the computer record while waiting for the patient to enter the consulting room.’
    • ‘An elderly lady ‘old’ to me at the time was pushed into my consulting room in a wheelchair by a caring relative, whom I thanked for her help.’
    • ‘Given the prevalence of errors in our work, and given also that one of our first principles is ‘first do no harm,’ it is strange that we talk so little in our hospitals and consulting rooms about this problem.’


consulting room

/kənˈsʌltɪŋ ˌruːm/