Definition of consultee in English:



  • A person who is formally consulted or asked for advice on a matter.

    ‘residents and the private sector can contribute as consultees to local urban renewal’
    • ‘But the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park's development control committee deferred its decision because there had been no feedback from significant consultees.’
    • ‘The group has been working closely with statutory consultees including English Heritage and local councils to meet any objections to the plans to convert the early 19th century Tottenham House, near Marlborough, into a hotel.’
    • ‘Councillors objected to the application regardless and, in line with the response of other consultees, have suggested the matter go direct to a public inquiry expected next October.’
    • ‘However, as the Trunk Road Agency and Highways Directorate were consultees of the proposal, the authority decided to await their responses before formally opposing the roundabout's construction.’
    • ‘They are one of a number of consultees on this issue and their comments will be taken into account when we consider the scheme.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The application is subject to the consultation procedures of the Environment Agency's Substitute Fuels Protocol and will involve the local Primary Care Trust which is a statutory consultee under the regulations.’’
    • ‘Craven district councillor Richard Welch, speaking as a local resident, said there had been no objections from consultees other than the national park authority.’
    • ‘However, in this case, there have been no objections from any consultees and the environmental effects of transport will not be increased.’
    • ‘Petroplus plans to meet with statutory consultees, like the county council, and Countryside Council for Wales, early in the new year about a possible ‘scoping’ document for a full-blown power station.’
    • ‘‘A small number of eminent consultees criticised us for having accepted limited terms of reference which they feared would result in an inadequate ‘patching’ exercise,’ said the document.’
    • ‘This follows two periods of consultation, and consultees may appeal as a last step before the guidance is issued to the NHS.’
    • ‘Only half of the list of consultees responded, and members agreed with Rob Lawley, a principal consultant for Capita, that individual shopkeepers and businesses should be given the chance to put in their objections to the committee.’
    • ‘‘Whereas it is accepted that the council is not bound to take the advice of its officers or its consultee the county education officer, it is expected to provide evidence to show why the development cannot be permitted,’ said the report.’
    • ‘The developers say the changes have been made after taking on board the views of planning officers, English Heritage, the Commission for Architecture in the Built Environment, and other statutory consultees and local people.’
    • ‘The council claims that responses in favour of raised crossings numbered less than 13 per cent of the consultees, and only amounted to a quarter of those living and working on the Waldegrave Road.’
    • ‘Mr Wearing said he expected there would be a higher number of contentious applications that would increase demands on the committee, its sub-committee, clerks and consultees.’
    • ‘The information we have had from consultees indicates widespread dissatisfaction with the law from judges downwards, who feel their work in court is being made difficult by the current law.’
    • ‘The Environment Agency will need to obtain planning permission for the work and before an application is made there will be consultations with residents, Harrogate Council and other consultees.’
    • ‘The county council and York Council are consultees over the plans as between them they pay 20 per cent of the capital and running costs of the courts service in the county, with the balance met by the Lord Chancellor's Department.’
    • ‘However, the list of consultees - which does not include the Hospital Friends, any voluntary sector organisation or local GPs - has dismayed Ms Gwyther.’
    counsellor, mentor, guide, consultant, confidant, confidante, right hand man, right hand woman, aide, helper
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