Definition of constructively in English:



  • 1In a way that has or is intended to have a useful or beneficial purpose.

    ‘the party has engaged constructively in this debate’
    • ‘He has posted a wiki where we can suggest ways he can constructively use his time.’
    • ‘Directors were concerned about the board's inability to work constructively with her.’
    • ‘An informed and honest understanding of "how we got here" is essential to understanding and dealing constructively with our cultural diversity.’
    • ‘I try to think constructively about the future of design.’
    • ‘These companies acknowledge a civic duty to act transparently and respond constructively to public criticism.’
    • ‘Above all, a victorious paradigm must deal constructively with the anomalies that led to the crisis.’
    • ‘These emotions are then constructively generated in their next home game, which is an advantage in itself.’
    • ‘He would talk about each piece, inspiring us and constructively pushing us to amazing heights.’
    • ‘Many members of the regiment brought specialized skills to the colony and contributed constructively to its development.’
    • ‘Federalism and the Constitution cry out for both the president and Congress to work constructively together for the benefit of the nation.’
  • 2Law
    In a way that is not obvious or explicitly stated but may be inferred.

    ‘this non-disclosure was said to be constructively tantamount to fraud’
    • ‘I use it to describe that which is evidence not available actually or constructively.’
    • ‘Her claim that she had been constructively dismissed rested on the contention that she had unjustly been subjected to disciplinary procedures.’
    • ‘In such circumstances, a bank granting a subsequent mortgage should only be fixed with notice if it actually (rather than constructively) knew of the relevant vitiating factor.’
    • ‘The applicant is challenging the decision of the justice, on the ground that he had constructively failed to exercise his jurisdiction.’
    • ‘It is, in my opinion, impossible to hold that the respondents possessed, constructively or otherwise, the knowledge which is an essential ingredient to the cause of action.’
    • ‘Why have they constructively dismissed our company?’
    • ‘Even if the loss were in fact constructively total, it was not claimed as such.’
    • ‘It is not for any court of justice to inquire further, or to enlarge constructively those conditions and restrictions.’
    • ‘Such help could be provided if a phased plan were drawn up to implement this, and its objectives were constructively discussed.’
    • ‘The charge is divided equally by the number of customers within the village whom we constructively believe will benefit from the project.’