Definition of constructive dismissal in English:

constructive dismissal


mass noun
  • The changing of an employee's job or working conditions with the aim of forcing their resignation.

    ‘employees may be entitled to claim constructive dismissal’
    • ‘He claimed constructive dismissal, racial and sexual discrimination, protected disclosure and breach of contract.’
    • ‘It is our view that the proper respondents to an allegation of constructive dismissal should initially be the local authority.’
    • ‘Cases of deliberate wrongful dismissal of employees, or repudiatory breach of the duties owned to them, are much less common than bona fide disputes as to whether or not there has been unfair or constructive dismissal.’
    • ‘The plaintiff's action includes claims for negligent misrepresentation, constructive dismissal, and wrongful dismissal.’
    • ‘She won an employment tribunal against the rail maintenance firm for constructive dismissal and sex discrimination - and has now been awarded more than £222,000.’
    • ‘She resigned, claiming constructive dismissal and sexual harassment.’
    • ‘And next March, a former woman officer, who quit the unit last year, will be taking the council to an industrial tribunal, claiming constructive dismissal.’
    • ‘Another piece of legislation that can be used in the absence of anti-bulling legislation is the Employment Rights Act, which deals with unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal and victimisation.’
    • ‘A music teacher who was told her students were so bad they left an audience of parents cringing with embarrassment has won her claim for constructive dismissal.’
    • ‘The 28-year-old, who earned £30,000 a year as a client relationship manager, is claiming constructive dismissal, sex discrimination and personal injury.’
    • ‘The counterclaim for constructive dismissal must be dismissed.’
    • ‘In the arbitration, the respondent alleges constructive dismissal against the applicants who collectively were his employer.’
    • ‘Where the conduct of management personnel is calculated to cause an employee to withdraw from the employment, it may, in my judgment, amount to constructive dismissal.’
    • ‘She is claiming sexual discrimination, constructive dismissal and unlawful stoppages from her wages.’
    • ‘The two coaches are claiming constructive dismissal.’
    • ‘As a result she resigned and successfully claimed constructive dismissal and sex discrimination.’
    • ‘The pair are due more than £17,000 between them in compensation after winning their claim for constructive dismissal.’
    • ‘The Association will support an application to an employment tribunal claiming constructive dismissal and breach of contract, and proceedings could begin within the next few weeks.’
    • ‘The pair won their claim for constructive dismissal against the club at an employment tribunal hearing on October 7.’
    • ‘The claim is one of constructive dismissal, negligent misrepresentation and negligence on the basis of the way the defendant dealt with the plaintiff with respect to her complaint.’


constructive dismissal