Definition of constantly in English:



  • Continuously over a period of time; always.

    ‘the world is constantly changing’
    ‘he was constantly on her mind’
    • ‘Because of his zest for life he was, and will be, an inspiration to me constantly.’
    • ‘Teenagers today are constantly being told how we need to study hard to gain the best from our future.’
    • ‘We are constantly looking at ways in which to make the car park a safer place.’
    • ‘When I go to stay with them my mum constantly wants to know what they are up to and what his girlfriend is like.’
    • ‘I loved her because she always had a smile on her face and constantly gave her best.’
    always, all the time, the entire time, continually, continuously, persistently, repeatedly, regularly
    round the clock, without a break, night and day, day and night, morning, noon, and night
    endlessly, non-stop, incessantly, unceasingly, ceaselessly, perpetually, eternally, perennially, forever
    interminably, unremittingly, relentlessly, unrelentingly
    24, 7
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