Definition of conspicuously in English:



  • 1In a clearly visible way.

    ‘the signs were conspicuously displayed inside the restaurant’
    • ‘Bald eagles appear conspicuously whenever a family member dies, but they show up often enough otherwise that they haven't become an ill omen.’
    • ‘The elderly can betray their presence by physical manifestations such as outdoor handrails and aids such as intercoms that may conspicuously be on their doors.’
    • ‘The trajectory of the ribs—some of which seem to wind around the piers—appears conspicuously indirect.’
    • ‘There is a black lesion with conspicuously irregular margins on the dorsal surface of the body adjacent to the base of the tail.’
    • ‘On her right wrist she conspicuously displays a cameo bracelet bearing the profile of Louis XV.’
    • ‘This historic place was designated conspicuously on our operations map as a military strategic point.’
    • ‘He was a teen noted for his conspicuously large hands and long fingers.’
    • ‘The chunk of gallery floor that was removed to create the depression for the pool was laid conspicuously to one side.’
    • ‘We saw a man at the window of a house with one arm in his shirt and the other arm and shoulder bare and conspicuously white.’
    • ‘Notebooks and files were conspicuously out on the table as the leaders prepared to chew over weighty fare of international politics.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that attracts notice or attention.
      ‘his arguments conspicuously lack rigour’
      as submodifier ‘one important voice has been conspicuously absent’
      • ‘A third film of this period was based upon a popular play in which a bushranger was conspicuously featured.’
      • ‘His design for the tower is conservative rather than innovative, scholarly not conspicuously original.’
      • ‘Both the photographer and the slumped figure in the boat highlight their utilitarian disposition by conspicuously disregarding aesthetic possibilities.’
      • ‘The leisurely rhythm provides a conspicuously lyrical contrast with the grotesquerie of the images on display.’
      • ‘It is a conservative community with attractive clusters of Jugendstil villas, but on the whole is conspicuously lacking in charm.’
      • ‘The magazine was conspicuously quiet during World War II, publishing only a maddeningly vague piece by architect George Howe.’
      • ‘This was so conspicuously unfair as to be unlawful as an abuse of power.’
      • ‘This was something the filmmaker himself conspicuously failed to do.’
      • ‘Conspicuously absent from the program are direct allusions to liturgical activities or priestly authority.’
      • ‘The film conspicuously avoids offering any spiritual insight for risk of offending anyone.’