Definition of conspicuous by one's absence in English:

conspicuous by one's absence


  • Obviously not present where one or it should be.

    ‘government members were conspicuous by their absence’
    • ‘But the Commissioner was conspicuous by his absence.’
    • ‘Despite Council assurances that 32 vehicles were out treating roads on Monday, however, some people claim the gritters were only conspicuous by their absence when they were needed most.’
    • ‘The plan was to serve as a blueprint for the rejuvenation of the town centre, but so far developments have either met heavy opposition or been conspicuous by their absence.’
    • ‘At Edinburgh University, he was conspicuous by his absence at lectures and ever present in student politics.’
    • ‘Proper allocation of living space, hygienic living conditions, efficient management of prison administration, and proper and prompt medical care in jails in Punjab, were all conspicuous by their absence.’
    • ‘The father, whose death opens the film (I got the distinct impression it was suicide), and appears, alive in only two scenes, makes his presence conspicuous by his absence.’
    • ‘The father, in most cases, is conspicuous by his absence.’
    • ‘One of the more obvious things about religious practice in the Irish Catholic Church is that while there has been significant leakage in every age group, young adults are conspicuous by their absence from church now.’
    • ‘There is a tide of interest in investing and I think that certainly next year the stockbrokers will be conspicuous by their absence.’
    • ‘There is no political capital this month so they are conspicuous by their absence.’