Definition of consolatory in English:


Pronunciation /kənˈsəʊlət(ə)ri//kənˈsɒlət(ə)ri/


  • See consolation

    • ‘They say it in a consolatory tone as if to say they wouldn't judge me if she doesn't.’
    • ‘In keeping with the atmosphere of restoration which marked nearly all state-sponsored and commercial culture in the 1950s, the songs were banal and consolatory; they spoke of motherly love, bell-towers, village life, and doves.’
    • ‘To understand the fate of Arcadian consolations, in particular, it is important to understand the role bucolic moments and memories had played in consolatory work during and after the Great War.’
    • ‘The Virgin Mary could be tolerated for her merciful, loving, consolatory virtues if only one didn't at the same time have to buy into her passivity and sexual repressiveness.’
    • ‘The effect was often consolatory, showing acceptance, or even transcendence in the face of death.’