Definition of consigliere in English:



  • A member of a Mafia family who serves as an adviser to the leader and resolves disputes within the family.

    • ‘When our father couldn't be there for us, we relied on Angelo - our father's right hand man, his consigliere - and father's bodyguards to take care of us.’
    • ‘Other than advise the Corleones, what does a consigliere do on radio?’
    • ‘The consigliere to the Don is not seen any more; he is gone.’
    • ‘But if it wasn't the his consiglieri who leaked the name to the press, then who was responsible?’
    • ‘Now, as the era of the imperial CEO draws to a dramatic and painful close, CEOs are relying on these corporate consiglieri even more.’
    • ‘A malign version of myself, more outrageous and more cunning, he became the godfather and I the consiglieri of our two-man ‘mob’.’
    • ‘A brief rush of new stories last fall detailed the delaying and thuggish tactics used by the governor's contract consigliere.’
    • ‘Although he's in semi-retirement, the entrepreneur who conducts business in sweat suits and sneakers, still serves as consigliere to emerging artists as well as industry power brokers.’
    • ‘He's a bit of a confidant and consiglieri to the likes of Desmond.’
    • ‘After all, Larry is one of my best friends, as well as a valued consiglieri.’
    • ‘Would that be anything like a wartime consigliere?’
    • ‘They do not look to one person, but assemble a mixed grille of consiglieri.’
    counsellor, mentor, guide, consultant, consultee, confidant, confidante, right hand man, right hand woman, aide, helper
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Italian, literally ‘a member of a council’.