Definition of consecratory in English:



  • See consecrate

    • ‘The words of the Lord ‘Take, eat… drink ye all of it’ in the Eucharistic prayer, which has a consecratory character as the whole, do not themselves effect the transformation of the bread and the wine into the Body and Blood of Christ.’
    • ‘He recited the words of institution in German but not the Canon and failed to elevate the host and chalice, distributing them in both species immediately after the consecratory words.’
    • ‘It introduces the concepts of apostolic succession and collegiality into the consecratory prayer which were not present in previous texts.’
    • ‘Principal among these are the rites of admittance to the novitiate, temporary profession, and the consecratory section of perpetual profession.’
    • ‘The long consecratory prayer of the Roman Rite of Religious Profession states, ‘May the countenance of Christ Your Son shine forth in her, Father, so that all who see her will know that he is present in Your Church.’’