Definition of conscientious objection in English:

conscientious objection


  • See conscientious objector

    • ‘But the absolute pacifism and conscientious objection of early Christianity foundered when Constantine converted to Christianity.’
    • ‘This isn't a sphere where conscientious objections are tolerated, either among doctors or patients.’
    • ‘I have had a kind of a conscientious objection to having to pay extra for coverage of sports, but I suppose I will have to give in at some stage just as I did with the mobile phone.’
    • ‘The ironic thing is that today, even in the secular forum, conscientious objection is not only accepted but also respected by civil authorities who allow people to do things such as decline military service on moral grounds.’
    • ‘And it's worth noting that if formal conscientious objections have been raised recently, they've certainly failed to fascinate the press.’