Definition of conniving in English:



  • Given to or involved in conspiring to do something immoral, illegal, or harmful.

    ‘a heartless and conniving woman’
    • ‘I don't really care about catching up on how my beloved soap characters have been scheming and conniving.’
    • ‘DeVito revels in being comically conniving, and he is again convincing.’
    • ‘I couldn't imagine contemporary female audiences buying a plot wherein conniving men turn their wives into homemaking robots.’
    • ‘Every person who has ever told the camera that is always a conniving, manipulative sociopath.’
    • ‘The two were found to be conniving with an inter-state flesh trade gang, whose three members were arrested by the police last Friday.’
    • ‘But it is not your fault that a conniving temptress has ensnared you.’
    • ‘A pair of baboons acted precisely like conniving con artists in cooperating to deceive a third.’
    • ‘Those who have been burnt look at it with contempt, a reminder of conniving luck.’
    • ‘He always ends up looking smug like he's just done something evil, or conniving like he's planning something evil.’
    • ‘Some University of Zambia students were allegedly conniving with staff there to change results and another group had problems with the bursaries.’
    • ‘Never before had he come across a woman that was so similar to himself, so conniving, and ruthless in the attainment of her goals.’
    • ‘It means the remorseless destruction of local distinctiveness, choice and opportunity by international mega-brands and the rapacious, conniving corporations that own them.’
    • ‘A drink I could sip at a bar like a real alcoholic broad and not some conniving college student who snuck in.’
    • ‘Some accuse the manufacturers and retailers of conniving in the premature death of old technology.’
    • ‘He was a lying, conniving, covering up peacemaker.’
    • ‘Now it's trying to prevent exposure of its prewar conniving.’
    • ‘When not preaching or conniving, he joined in the general singing and dancing with consummate skill.’
    • ‘His decade-long struggle to replace Blair as prime minister was never an open political contest, but a conniving, cowardly and petty bid for personal power.’
    • ‘Companies' accounts were misleading, their auditors conniving, their lawyers conspiring, their bankers inept.’
    • ‘Naturally, Sally Rogers is nothing like the conniving Yvonne.’