Definition of conning tower in English:

conning tower


  • The superstructure of a submarine, from which it can be commanded when on the surface and which contains the periscope.

    • ‘Visitors can try out a submariner's bunk, learn how to control the boat as it dives, look through the periscope, detect underwater sounds on a hydrophone, climb into a mock conning tower and operate an escape chamber.’
    • ‘You can see the eel's entire length through the gaps in the planking, just aft of the conning tower with its two periscopes.’
    • ‘We couldn't find a conning tower, and the hull is way too smooth to be a submarine from that time.’
    • ‘Suddenly, without warning, the bow sank deeper, causing the stern to rear up, and she dived to the sea bed with her conning tower open.’
    • ‘There was the conning tower with the periscope easily identifiable inside; there were the access hatches.’
    • ‘As you descend, your first sight of the submarine will be a selection of masts and periscopes rising from the conning tower.’
    • ‘Like a huge submarine without a conning tower, the 15m sperm whale approached, less than 100m from the spot where I was snorkelling.’
    • ‘But instead they found the ship split into four parts, the bows, the stern, the midships to bows section turned upside down and the armoured conning tower several hundred metres away.’
    • ‘His tail - seemingly disembodied from his body - trails behind him like a submarine conning tower.’
    • ‘Changing course slightly to avoid a small local rain shower, he observed the conning tower and bow of a lone unidentified submarine rising up out of the ocean.’
    • ‘I immediately find the remains of the conning tower, broken from the hull with the main gun mount just forward of it.’
    • ‘Had a hatch at the bottom of the conning tower been closed, the water would never have got inside.’
    • ‘The circular armoured structure behind this, is not another gun turret, but the armoured conning tower from which the captain would have directed the ship during combat.’
    • ‘At the top of the conning tower is a hollow mast, with the broken attack periscope retracted inside it.’
    • ‘On the side of the conning tower her navigation lights are present and the conning tower ladder is still in place.’
    • ‘As we reached the top of the bows we began to swim along the deck towards the conning tower.’
    • ‘From their conning towers, just above sea level, naval officers flash lights to guide the flotillas of minesweepers clearing passages toward the beaches.’
    • ‘A solid-looking cylindrical structure with slit windows in front of the bridge is the armoured conning tower, where the ship would be controlled during battle.’
    • ‘The introduction of a proper conning tower meant that the periscope could be kept in an upright position where it could be raised and lowered by the use of compressed air.’
    • ‘The collection boasts many more items of historical significance including the conning tower of a Japanese midget submarine.’


conning tower

/ˈkɒnɪŋ ˌtaʊə/