Definition of connectivity in English:



mass noun
  • 1The state of being connected or interconnected.

    ‘the authorities worked at restoring connectivity between Puerto Rico and the US mainland after Hurricane Hugo’
    • ‘There was a discussion on fostering greater regional connectivity in the field of energy.’
    • ‘The other sees connectivity as the essential factor, with movies being one of many resources that can travel along those connections.’
    • ‘Ireland is at the very edge of airline connectivity in Europe and has to fight every battle that involves transportation costs.’
    • ‘Currently this type of connectivity is only available close to the larger towns which leaves the remote areas isolated.’
    • ‘In my opinion, my industry is just beginning to reap the benefits of connectivity.’
    • ‘We are also strengthening the rail and air connectivity in our country.’
    • ‘Mobile phones can do so much more than make a call now - the tools are there to push for connectivity in so many ways.’
    • ‘Going by their current strengths, these libraries will survive the age of seamless connectivity too.’
    • ‘Now comes the biggest test of whether the rhetoric of connectivity can be marshalled into effective action.’
    • ‘Tools that recognise the vernacular role of self-writing as well as the public role of connectivity would definitely help with this.’
    • ‘The marketing challenge is to sell you on the necessity of information via continuous connectivity.’
    • ‘However, one of the essential ingredients to succeed in the global services is international air connectivity.’
    • ‘We have invested in the best possible infrastructure, latest technology and incredible connectivity.’
    • ‘They will provide air connectivity to secondary cities and potential industrial and tourist destinations.’
    • ‘But observers saw many financial, political and ideological bears on that way to connectivity.’
    • ‘The immediacy and connectivity can expose great wrong; in just the same way, it can do great wrong.’
    • ‘Blogging is a transitional technology that will lead to new forms of connectivity and creativity.’
    • ‘As a first step, Wi-Fi connectivity is being offered in 16 seats where four sets of seats will face each other.’
    • ‘The person, rather than the household or group, is the primary unit of connectivity.’
    • ‘He said connectivity between areas via road and rail was very important.’
    1. 1.1Computing Capacity for the interconnection of platforms, systems, and applications.
      ‘this allows connectivity between Sun and Mac platforms’
      • ‘The Mac connectivity is good as far as Bluetooth goes, but at the moment this doesn't include iSync support.’
      • ‘The handset offers the usual USB, infra-red and Bluetooth connectivity.’
      • ‘Broad connectivity and scalable bandwidth have made the success of the Fibre Channel protocol.’
      • ‘Techies will also love the MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity and Java-powered games.’
      • ‘It also has a video camera built into the frame of the monitor, FireWire connectivity and video editing software.’