Definition of connectedly in English:



  • See connect

    • ‘At the core of the group is his frail, flat, comforting voice connectedly singing songs about living - what he would term ‘wonder’ - accompanied by a simply-strummed acoustic guitar.’
    • ‘Second, and connectedly, it is not clear in what sense such stuff is immaterial, except in the sense that it cannot be integrated into the normal scientific account of the physical world.’
    • ‘Thirdly, and connectedly, while the study does come up to the new millennium, the post-1970 chapters are inevitably affected by the Thirty Year Rule for official papers.’
    • ‘There must be a definite training to think accurately and connectedly, and intensely if need be.’
    • ‘Secondly, and connectedly, it is an attempt at absolute relinquishment of the vantage of a particular sector, class, dialect, jargon, idiolect or diction.’