Definition of conjunto in English:



  • (in Latin America or Hispanic communities) a small musical group or band.

    as modifier ‘the leading female conjunto accordionist’
    • ‘This year the season encompassed twenty-seven bands and combos playing swing, salsa, jigs, reels, Cajun, country, rock ‘n’ roll, polka, TexMex conjunto, tango and zydeco.’
    • ‘I soon was in a "conjunto."’
    • ‘They have taken the technical demands and passion from the past and recast them with subtle chicano influences - the cumbia and conjunto music that they grew up listening to - so they sound fresh.’
    • ‘You can't play the way you would for a band, in a conjunto.’
    • ‘Mestizaje undergirds the complex patterns of hybridity Tex-Mex, conjunto, crossover etc. - that have propelled Hispanic music into the popular-music mainstream of North America.’
    • ‘With absolutely no information provided, the listener will have to guess at many of the details surrounding this excellent recording by a Mexican conjunto.’
    • ‘A patchwork of Latin American musical styles, conjunto music is as varied as the lands from which it comes.’
    • ‘This music, along with the Mexican corrido, conjunto, and orquesta traditions, was an important cultural and artistic influence in his life, one that would eventually manifest itself in his music (he played saxophone) and poetry.’
    group, musical group, pop group, ensemble, orchestra
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Spanish, literally ‘an ensemble, group’.