Definition of Congolese in English:



  • Relating to Congo or the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire).

    • ‘He crosses the wobbly bridge of reeds; a metaphor of his present predicament, the tough balancing act that is Congolese politics.’
    • ‘The latter examples suggest that any Congolese male could be pressed into service, as indeed was the case throughout the colonial era.’
    • ‘Since European and American customers have stopped visiting their own country, Congolese art vendors bring their wares to Butare and Kigali, Rwanda.’
    • ‘On learning that the slain statesman never had a grave, he unearthed a bit of Congolese lore which said that the spirits of people who were not properly buried continued to roam freely.’
    • ‘But it is now being distorted and children in particular are being victimised for a lot of things that are happening to society, like the general poverty and destitution of Congolese society.’
    • ‘But clashes have become more deadly since the Ugandan and Congolese governments armed the tribes to use as proxy fighters when a civil war erupted in Congo in August 1998.’
    • ‘There had been massacres in the countryside, ethnically motivated massacres by Congolese militias, despite Uganda's presence.’
    • ‘More than 150 Congolese nurses now staff UK termination clinics.’
    • ‘At a meeting in South Africa tomorrow, campaigners trying to protect the gorillas will make a last-ditch attempt to persuade Congolese government ministers to intervene.’
    • ‘White men used their power to shape Congolese art, including ‘colonial’ art.’
    • ‘Zambians living on the long border with DRC have frequently been attacked by suspected Congolese rebels who usually cross the border in search of food.’
    • ‘Everyone pleaded with the rebels and refugees camped in the warehouse, but they refused to leave, exasperating the Ugandan and Congolese authorities here.’
    • ‘She tries by making regular trips to the meat market, and with the help of Congolese officials, she confiscates chained bonobos about to be sold alongside other exotic meats.’
    • ‘Determined to stop the attacks, Rwanda and Uganda launched Congo's war in 1998, backing Congolese rebels in a bid to topple the Kinshasa-based government.’
    • ‘The deputy police commissioner said that a consular official from the Democratic Republic of Congo and a Congolese immigration official would be on hand in the northern coastal town of Soyo to oversee the repatriation.’
    • ‘The Temps Colonial sculptures appear to be a recent example of production for this audience, but one which derives its appeal from its reflection of authentic Congolese attitudes.’
    • ‘Small wonder then that the International Committee was dismayed when a Red Cross relief truck was hijacked by Congolese rebels at the end of April and its six workers executed.’
    • ‘Burundi is accusing Congolese troops of involvement in the massacre.’
    • ‘The Council also reminded Uganda not to provide military support for armed Congolese groups and called on Burundi to prevent support going from its territory to armed groups in neighbouring DRC.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Congo or the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire).

    • ‘Driving down to the ferry terminal, one morning, to cross the river from Kinshasa to Brazzaville I saw a Congolese on the street trying to sell an enormous head of a Tiger Fish mounted on a wooden board.’
    • ‘When the Congolese are prisoners, they generally are shown in striped shirts, as in the Colonie Belge paintings.’
    • ‘The fourth Panel did not bring any public charges and, although the international community is now more aware, the Congolese are not confident that the abuses really will end.’
    • ‘He enslaved the Congolese in their homeland, subjecting them to forced labor, and meting out inhuman treatment on those who dared defy him.’
    • ‘He said last year, the friendly games against the Congolese helped Zambia on the build up to African Cup finals.’
    • ‘In two graphic images - the Congolese being flogged, the Belgian being carried - the wooden sculptures capture the essence of colonial rule, as experienced by the Congolese.’
    • ‘He noted that living standards for both Zambians and Congolese had deteriorated and required quick action in tackling the problems.’
    • ‘Morocco attacked from the start only to discover that the Congolese had no intention of being cannon fodder and the North Africans resorted to long-range shots.’
    • ‘There is no such coverage and hence no such understanding of the plight of, for example, Afghans or Congolese.’
    • ‘There were cases where we had to be careful though; always needing a Congolese to be with us anywhere we went just not to be taken advantage of.’
    • ‘Violent death, dislocation, and general social breakdown were among the immediate problems faced by the Congolese.’
    • ‘Too much has already been lost in a senseless war that has economically enriched others and impoverished the Congolese.’
    • ‘Some common ailments affecting the Congolese include malaria, parasites, tuberculosis, schistosomiasis, diarrhea, AIDS, and malnutrition.’
    • ‘Even if there was greater public awareness of the possible danger of eating such meat, it doesn't mean that the Congolese would renounce it.’
    • ‘So clearly, they have to leave the country, so that to permit the Congolese to be able to work together to form their own transitional government.’
    • ‘Though resident expatriates and tourists often sample the more bizarre items on her menu (chicken and beef are also available), it is the Congolese for whom the bushmeat is most popular.’
    • ‘He made known, in no uncertain terms, what Belgian colonialism meant to the Congolese.’
    • ‘Because she is native Congolese, she was safe from the soldiers.’
    • ‘The Congolese like to chat as much as the next guy.’
    • ‘Ostensibly, they were in the town to provide security for the Belgian settlers who felt under threat from the native Congolese.’
  • 2mass noun Any of the Bantu languages spoken in the Congo region, in particular Kikongo.

    • ‘Here people speak Congolese, there they speak French.’
    • ‘The fact that we didn't speak Congolese might have hindered our access to the underground world but it also enabled us to film things they didn't think we'd be able to understand or wouldn't bother translating.’
    • ‘Do many Netherlanders speak Congolese?’


From French Congolais.