Definition of conger in English:


(also conger eel)


  • A large edible predatory eel of shallow coastal waters.

    Conger and other genera, family Congridae: several species, in particular the European C. conger and the American C. oceanica

    • ‘Like the freshwater eel, congers undergo considerable morphological changes prior to spawning.’
    • ‘The silver bodies of predatory fish like congers make them virtually invisible head-on.’
    • ‘Huge conger, pollack, ling, cod and coalfish were regularly pulled up the steps to the old Angling Centre and weighed in front of big crowds of onlookers.’
    • ‘Alex posed in the darkest corner and I was shooting off a few frames when we noticed a huge conger eel looking at us with the short-sighted expression that congers are endowed with.’
    • ‘This is a high-energy site - as well as a vast variety of invertebrate life we saw shoals of fish, a huge conger eel and plenty of edible crabs.’


Middle English: from Old French congre, via Latin from Greek gongros.