Definition of congealable in English:



  • See congeal

    • ‘Designed as a first stage pre-filter for mist and congealable contaminants we manufacture a variety of high efficiency, chevron style impingers.’
    • ‘He states that, if the buds develop slowly, by reason of cool damp weather, and are not much exposed to sun heat when about to be collected, a rich yield of otto, having a low solidifying point, is the result, whereas, should the sky be clear and the temperature high at or shortly before the time of gathering, the product is diminished and is more easily congealable.’
    • ‘The microspheres were prepared by a modified hydrophobic congealable disperse-phase method.’
    • ‘This invention relates to dump tanks and has particular reference to emergency dump tanks for the retention of congealable materials.’
    • ‘The erosion time of the compressed plugs increased with increasing molecular weight of the hydrophilic polymer, decreasing filler content and decreased with congealable lipidic plugs with increasing HLB-value and inclusion of surfactants.’