Definition of confusing in English:



  • Bewildering or perplexing.

    ‘he found being in Egypt very confusing’
    • ‘And maybe familiar cues are simply the means by which people navigate through a confusing world.’
    • ‘Up on the sidewalks, New York was a confusing bedlam of sights and sounds.’
    • ‘It is a confusing situation, but it seems that for now, at least, the situation on the ground remains unchanged.’
    • ‘These confusing feelings of being apart from the real world and close to it at the same time are part of what community college is about.’
    • ‘For my father and his generation back in the confusing era of the Depression, the battle lines were even more simply drawn.’
    bewildering, baffling, difficult, difficult to understand, unclear, perplexing, puzzling, mystifying, mysterious, disconcerting
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