Definition of confounded in English:



dated, informal
  • attributive Used for emphasis, especially to express anger or annoyance.

    ‘he was a confounded nuisance’
    • ‘You just go on committing offences that are a confounded nuisance to everyone around you.’
    • ‘I could not decide whether to go for a jog in the confounded cold, or find an indoor facility in one of the neighborhood center to swim.’
    • ‘Now, a little older and a little wiser, John finds himself in a very familiar predicament - having to save the world again from those confounded machines.’
    • ‘I will send the confounded package today - overnight - to avoid another one of those joyous little interactions.’
    • ‘Now, in addition to all our other potentially explosive topics, the confounded holidays are here.’
    damn, damned, blasted, blessed, flaming, precious, rotten
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