Definition of conformal in English:



  • (of a map or a mathematical mapping) preserving the correct angles between directions within small areas (though distorting distances).

    • ‘His doctoral thesis is an important contribution to conformal mappings of multiply connected plane domains.’
    • ‘He worked on geodesy but became interested in conformal map projections where he invented a quincuncial map projection using elliptic functions.’
    • ‘He is also known for applications of the kernel function to conformal mappings.’
    • ‘He also obtained important results on conformal mappings showing that angles were preserved on the boundary almost everywhere.’
    • ‘He also worked on conformal mappings and potential theory, and he was led to study boundary value problems for partial differential equations and the theory of various functionals connected with them.’


Mid 17th century (in the sense ‘conformable’): from late Latin conformalis, from con- together + formalis formal. The current sense was coined in German.