Definition of conflict of interest in English:

conflict of interest


  • 1A situation in which the concerns or aims of two different parties are incompatible.

    ‘the conflict of interest between elected officials and corporate lobbyists’
    • ‘There has been a fundamental conflict of interest between management and the company's shareholders.’
    • ‘She tries desperately to convince Mikami to run away with her, but the conflict of interest she has created in his heart is too much for him to bear and threatens to tear him apart.’
    • ‘The study sheds light on the fundamental conflict of interest between employers and trade unions regarding the labour supply.’
    • ‘Maya's conflict of interest between her ideals and her loyalty to her father's magazine fuels a smart episode with a nifty double-reverse plot.’
    • ‘Recent approaches to mating and reproduction emphasise differences and even conflicts of interest between males and females.’
    • ‘We saw that the economic conflict of interests between the two parties is not very intense at all.’
    • ‘This conflict of interest between big businesses and consumers was starkly demonstrated at a recent international food conference in Dublin.’
    1. 1.1 A situation in which a person is in a position to derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity.
      ‘Watson quit his job after questions about a possible conflict of interest’
      • ‘The Times reported conflicts of interest on the committee, unfair bidding processes, and profit-motivated delays in development.’
      • ‘Conflicts of interest involving directors are unavoidable and can have serious consequences if not handled properly by the board and the cooperative.’
      • ‘I agree that crucial among these issues is the question of how to guard against abuses engendered by conflicts of interest.’
      • ‘Deputies will be expected to maintain their private financial affairs properly and to avoid any conflict of interest with their public duties.’
      • ‘The potential for such conflicts of interest should be revealed by any outside advisor involved in a project.’
      • ‘It warns against honoring requests for anonymity, if anonymity would conceal a conflict of interest or other ethical issues.’
      • ‘He denies any conflict of interest, arguing that his expertise in the area qualifies him to comment.’
      • ‘Commission by its very nature gives rise to a conflict of interest.’
      • ‘The association suggests that the lender withdraw from the decision-making process if a conflict of interest is perceived.’
      • ‘No legislators and party executives should be included on the commission, otherwise there will be a conflict of interest with their party's interests.’
      • ‘In recent months, investors have complained to regulators about conflicts of interest inherent in analysts pushing clients ' companies.’
      • ‘The new guidelines, which are voluntary, encourage museums to be "transparent" and to disclose any information that could be perceived as a real or potential conflict of interest.’