Definition of conflab in English:


noun & verb

  • another term for confab
    • ‘So, bedtime for me, Ron called earlier and said we would have a video conflab but he had to go out and we never did get it sorted.’
    • ‘What a pathetic spectacle it all made, and I wouldn't be surprised if Chris still hugs himself with pleasure in moments of stress at the thought of those cosy conflabs with his new found friend!’
    • ‘The controversial decision came only minutes after the referee allegedly had a half time conflab with the Barcelona Chief.’
    • ‘Here's hoping that, at Saturday's conflab, someone asks about the unsettling phenomenon of another one settling in at the West Wing.’
    • ‘Local speakers were seen in deep conflab as to who wasn't going to write this up for the publication.’


Late 19th century: alteration.