Definition of confined in English:



  • (of a space) restricted in area or volume; cramped.

    ‘her fear of confined spaces’
    • ‘Add fuel, oil or grease in hot or confined places, and you've got a real problem on your hands.’
    • ‘What god given right do you have to smoke in the confined carriage of the Tube?’
    • ‘Jet aircraft were available in numbers for the first time, but had to operate in a confined airspace.’
    • ‘Because they are so long, opening them in confined quarters could prove difficult.’
    • ‘This year there are seven plays on offer, four in the confined section and three in the open section.’
    • ‘It needs space to look its best but can be grown in a confined area if some of the stems are cut back and it is grown through a support of some sort.’
    • ‘So we'll be left with the sort of people who show off on stage at hypnosis gigs acting up in a confined space and trying to root each other.’
    • ‘Is it just me or is stinking up confined public places with solvents a, well, a stinky thing to do?’
    • ‘Babies play in little pens or in safely confined areas on a blanket on the floor.’
    • ‘Within the film's confined internal spaces the human body takes on a territorial presence of its own.’
    • ‘The usual problem of marshalling an unwieldy cast in such a confined theatre is tackled by doubling up on roles.’
    • ‘Another feature solves the problem of how to have a leisure area in a confined space.’
    • ‘This concentration is reached only when there are sufficient cells within a confined volume.’
    • ‘When burnt, charcoal gives off carbon monoxide which can kill in a confined space.’
    • ‘In modern usage an artesian well is any well in which the water level rises above the top of the confined aquifer to which the well is open.’
    • ‘Relationships with a small group of carers in a confined setting are likely to come under significant strain.’
    • ‘The confined air of the Paris Metro offered him one of his most fertile ideas.’
    • ‘Therefore I do feel that smoking should be banned in public places, certainly all confined ones.’
    • ‘Such a confined analysis will not help to unravel the response of a whole system, or to describe the complex network.’
    • ‘She said the family had slept in their kitchen and the children could not do their homework because of the confined space.’
    cramped, constricted, restricted, limited, confining, small, narrow, compact, tight, pinched, squeezed, poky, uncomfortable, inadequate, meagre
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