Definition of configure in English:



  • 1 Arrange or put together in a particular form or configuration:

    ‘two of the aircraft will be configured as VIP transports’
    • ‘We weren't wearing night vision goggles, and our aircraft wasn't configured for such flight.’
    • ‘Upon configuring the aircraft for landing, the crew noticed they had fuel fumes in the cockpit.’
    • ‘After the successful trial of the anti-ship missile, the focus is on configuring the missile to attack land targets.’
    • ‘But he must at least ensure he configures his players in a manner that does not play into the hands of the hosts in Levante.’
    • ‘We are not configured as a nation in our armed forces or the State Department to deal with nation-building.’
    • ‘Although her sun is located in the gentle sign of Pisces, it is configured with the powerful planets Mars, Jupiter and Pluto.’
    • ‘We are looking at ways of configuring our breweries to make them more efficient.’
    • ‘It took an act of insight to do so, a way of configuring the whole situation.’
    • ‘The aircrew successfully configured the aircraft and proceeded with a full-stop landing.’
    • ‘A screen of that cost needs to be properly configured to the ambient light condition of where you place it, the video card driving it and the tasks that you plan to use it for.’
    • ‘These days Britain's race laws are configured in Brussels.’
    • ‘It will pay us, I think, to stop configuring education as a battle of the geniuses against the uncivilized.’
    • ‘It is true that, in a pure form, it can be a deadly explosive provided it is configured correctly in a bomb.’
    • ‘It will be configured to fit specific local circumstances.’
    • ‘It seemed from that morning on we were inseparable, even configuring our schedules together.’
    • ‘Remote door locks should be configured so that the horn is off by default.’
    • ‘When configuring the aircraft for landing, things got interesting.’
    • ‘Likewise, he could not contemplate configuring his team in an entirely different way because he did not have the means to do this.’
    • ‘One button starts and configures the aircraft for taxi and takeoff, and off he goes.’
    • ‘Mobility is largely configured as movement, and moving and transience, as a result, is the norm.’
    1. 1.1Computing Arrange or order (a computer system or an element of it) so as to fit it for a designated task:
      ‘the memory can be configured as a virtual drive’
      • ‘After the updates are completed, click Finish, which configures a few system services.’
      • ‘That means downtime to configure the new system and reassign users and data.’
      • ‘So the logical step is to add a DVD drive to my machine and configure my system for DVD playback.’
      • ‘The course will run over six weeks in May and June and will teach people to upgrade and repair computers and configure their operating systems.’
      • ‘You can configure systems online to evaluate different options and prices.’


Late Middle English (in the Latin sense): from Latin configurare shape after a pattern, from con- together + figurare to shape (from figura shape or figure).