Definition of confectioner's custard in English:

confectioner's custard


mass nounBritish
  • another term for crème patissière
    • ‘I used to have a recipe for creme patisserie (I think it was called) or confectioner's custard.’
    • ‘Other Madrid specialties are bartollos and canutillos, fried pastries with confectioner's custard.’
    • ‘The present invention relates to a feed device, in particular for use in machines for processing pasty or liquid food mixtures, such as in machines for pasteurizing ice-cream mixtures, confectioner's custard mixtures, or the like.’
    • ‘Cool, beat confectioner's custard with an electric mixer and add chopped hazelnut pralines and vanilla.’
    • ‘Spread the reserved confectioner's custard on top of the last layer of sponge cake.’
    • ‘This was freshly homemade that day, warm confectioner's custard oozing out from crispy, sweet millefoglie wafers and powdered sugar.’
    • ‘Moving back in history the almond-flavoured confectioner's custard known as Frangipani gets its name from Muzio Frangipani, a sixteenth century Italian marquis.’
    • ‘The most traditional fillings are sweet pumpkin and confectioner's custard.’
    • ‘Prepare a confectioner's custard by beating 6 egg yolks with 80g of sugar and adding 50g of plain flour.’
    • ‘Garnish the first with light confectioner's custard and place the Griottines evenly on the surface.’
    • ‘At breakfast, I had had a Valerie doughnut pumped with confectioner's custard.’
    • ‘The pastry cases can be filled with crème pâtissière (confectioner's custard), whipped cream or for a lighter, tangy filling, crème fraîche.’