Definition of conductor rail in English:

conductor rail


  • A rail transmitting current to an electric train or other vehicle.

    • ‘In all it took me about 16 hours painstaking but tedious work to lay 24 feet of conductor rail.’
    • ‘A new standard maintenance procedure was also released weeks after the incident in 2003, prohibiting work to repair or replace conductor rail insulator pots on live lines.’
    • ‘In the background are the conductor rail of the northbound track, and one running rail very close to it.’
    • ‘In this context, the current conductor rails are disposed opposite to the clamping face.’
    • ‘Click on the above for other options relating to this Arrangement used to fix conductor rails for multi-phase switchgears patent application.’
    • ‘Magnetic coil consists of aluminum conductor rails on the diaphragm resulting in optimal motion-to-mass ratio’
    • ‘The goods in issue are conductor rails and were imported on various dates during 2000.’
    • ‘On London Underground, the tracks are made up of two running rails and two conductor rails which carry the electricity supply.’
    • ‘Rubber tyres also run against the side contact conductor rails to guide the train on its track.’
    • ‘Four tracks of the maintenance hall have been equipped with a movable conductor rail by Furrer + Frey for safe and unhindered access to the vehicles’ roofs.’
    • ‘Both conductor rails are electrically joined by means of a flexible cable or another suitable device.’
    • ‘Open conductor rail lines with copper head steel conductor bars are reliable, maintenance free and durable.’
    • ‘Unfortunately BR and NR experience with composite conductor rails has been less than happy.’
    • ‘After the conductor rail installation has been completed, a final, visual inspection of the entire system should be conducted.’
    • ‘The reason for two conductor rails was to minimise electrolysis, as Patrick already noted above.’
    • ‘Lower the drawer back onto its conductor rails and pull it forward and outward.’
    • ‘If power is ON, do not touch the conductor rail, nor anything lying across it, nor a train standing on it.’
    • ‘The cradle can be bent to the correct shape by using a simple jig, and the conductor rail clips into the cradle.’
    • ‘Therefore, the slope of the conductor rail ramps is 1: 50 at normal tracks and min. 1: 20 in the depot area where the speed is reduced.’