Definition of conduct sheet in English:

conduct sheet


  • A form used in schools and the armed forces to record someone's offences and punishments.

    • ‘The following specimen entries for a conduct sheet describe a variety of situations requiring an entry.’
    • ‘Please help your child remember to return the folder each Monday with the conduct sheet signed and any corrected papers in it.’
    • ‘Parents will initial the conduct sheet each day, and the student will return the next day.’
    • ‘The only crime on his conduct sheet was taking a pear from an orchard in France, for which he was confined to barracks for four days in August 1914.’
    • ‘When next the ship was in port Shrapnell, with an ‘excellent’ on his conduct sheet, was given shore leave.’
    • ‘All homework assignments will be written on the assignment sheet on the back of your child's conduct sheet.’
    • ‘Then we were initiated into the mysteries of prefects, class lists and conduct sheets, the last of which soon became too familiar for our liking.’
    • ‘Most of my students are on daily if not hourly conduct sheets.’
    • ‘The records often contain other material such as enlistment forms, conduct sheets and records of leave.’
    • ‘Please make sure to sign your child's conduct sheet and have your child return the folder containing the sheet on Tuesday.’
    • ‘He was probably told this (with the usual threats of more dire punishment is he did it again, especially when he gets overseas) and it just got entered on the conduct sheet that way.’
    • ‘In summary that evidence included the appellant's regimental conduct sheet for the period up until March 1982, which demonstrated how he had made up stories about being attacked or having things stolen from him.’
    • ‘According to his company conduct sheet, he was disciplined for drunkenness on three separate occasions.’
    • ‘An operant response to the cue - for example, the cue, a bell, rings and the students hold up their conduct sheets.’
    • ‘His regimental and company conduct sheets show his behaviour to have been habitually bad.’
    • ‘Tonight, I have to write student names on desk name tags, their conduct sheets, and cards for their classroom jobs.’