Definition of conduct disorder in English:

conduct disorder


mass nounUS
  • A range of antisocial types of behaviour displayed in childhood or adolescence.

    ‘sons of aggressive fathers are particularly prone to conduct disorder’
    count noun ‘males have higher rates of hyperactivity and conduct disorders’
    • ‘In a series of studies, we provided more physical contact for violent and conduct disorder adolescents by giving them massage therapy.’
    • ‘For adolescent boys this risk may rise if the depression is accompanied by conduct disorder and alcohol or other substance abuse.’
    • ‘To include a large number of children at risk for subsequent conduct disorder, this study includes children from both the control and normative samples.’
    • ‘Comorbidity with conduct disorder, dyslexia, and learning deficits is common in ADHD.’
    • ‘Logistic regression analyses predicting age of onset of conduct disorder are presented in Table III.’
    • ‘Those who drink heavily often have co-occurring problems as well, including drug abuse and such mental health problems as attention-deficit disorder and conduct disorder, he said.’
    • ‘There has been considerable interest in developmental psychopathology over the phenomenon of reward dominance in children and its relationship to conduct disorder and antisocial behaviour.’
    • ‘Theories that posit a distinction between childhood and adolescent onset conduct disorder generate several specific predictions, two of which will be addressed in this study.’
    • ‘Results of these analyses showed that if conduct disorder was entered alone with either only aggression or only attention problems, it would be a significant predictor and carry a positive sign.’
    • ‘In about 40 percent of cases, childhood-onset conduct disorder develops into adult antisocial personality disorder.’
    • ‘Three of the boys met criteria for both conduct disorder and ADHD.’
    • ‘For example, suppose children with co-occurring conduct disorder/depression have worse outcomes than those with pure conduct disorder and those with pure major depression.’
    • ‘A special section on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and conduct disorders includes a debate on whether or not conduct disorder is actually a valid diagnosis.’
    • ‘This would support Lynam's theory that impulsivity plays a central role in the development of conduct disorder.’
    • ‘Massage therapy has, however, been tried with children and adolescents hospitalized for conduct disorder and depression.’
    • ‘All these studies highlight the difficult interactions of young children with externalizing/internalizing problems and conduct disorder / depression.’
    • ‘This group included 7 patients with an affective disorder and 14 patients with either conduct disorder or oppositional disorder.’
    • ‘The second hypothesis specifically predicted that youth with childhood onset conduct disorder would commit more aggressive offenses than adolescent onset offenders.’
    • ‘AD / HD most often coexists with other disorders such as learning disability, conduct disorder and anxiety disorder.’
    • ‘Epidemiological studies of the co-occurrence between depression and oppositional or conduct disorder suggest that each type of disorder is associated with elevated risk for the other.’