Definition of condominium in English:



  • 1North American A building or complex of buildings containing a number of individually owned apartments or houses.

    • ‘They're re-developing empty commercial and warehouse buildings into condominiums.’
    • ‘It is dwarfed on all sides by three-story houses, a condominium building and an ugly electric lightpole.’
    • ‘Many of the proposed buildings are ‘hotel condominiums.’’
    • ‘This transformation becomes apparent in photographs that show modern commercial buildings or condominiums now occupying land that, as late as the 1950s, held farms and farmhouses.’
    • ‘But if they are just going to be building new condominiums, without offering anything to the long-term residents of the area, well, that would be very disturbing.’
    • ‘He designed hundreds of structures, including hospitals, office buildings, synagogues and condominiums, in addition to about 200 other hotels.’
    • ‘The works department estimates that multi-family dwellings - which include apartments, condominiums and townhouse complexes - are home to about 40 per cent of Toronto's population.’
    • ‘I try to think of a descriptive metaphor as we head west on Euclid Avenue, passing abandoned houses, new and gated condominiums, and apartment buildings with boards nailed to all the ground-level windows.’
    • ‘In Thailand, foreign nationals can own a unit in a registered condominium or even a building as distinct from the land it is built on.’
    • ‘The project's proponents, however, say that parking will by and large be maintained, and that the building of more condominiums will ease Montreal's increasingly severe housing crisis.’
    • ‘The immigrant population dominates the urban areas, living in apartment complexes and condominiums.’
    • ‘The front door of their condo opened up to the back of the condominium building which faced the mountains of Maui.’
    • ‘In many neighbourhoods, the building of high-rise condominiums seems like a simple necessity.’
    • ‘It took a good two hours to reach the condominium complex Mattie and I lived in while we were in California.’
    • ‘The impact of the sea and the inner harbour create an unusually calm harmony within the seemingly endless development of condominiums taking place along the waterfront.’
    • ‘In the 1980s, new beaches were developed from reclaimed land, and luxury high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums were constructed to appeal to wealthy residents and investors.’
    • ‘This law came about as a response to the substantial displacement of moderate- and low-income families resulting from gentrification and the conversion of buildings into condominiums that started in the 1970s.’
    • ‘Monday, a condominium building gets a makeover and eight couples get a shot at cashing in on the results - if they've got the right renovation stuff.’
    • ‘Future plans include building condominiums and bungalows, according to the hotel's Communications Executive, Anita Rajaratnam.’
    • ‘Separating the two conflicting partitions was a thick row of tall buildings and condominiums that ran right down the middle - a minute version of the dreaded Berlin Wall in the smallest of senses.’
    1. 1.1 Each of the individual apartments or houses in a condominium.
      • ‘Prices of upmarket apartments and condominiums rose 4.1 percent in the July-September period to an average S $1,020 per square foot.’
      • ‘In the years that followed, developers began to entice young artists and professionals with condominiums and apartments fashioned from commercial buildings.’
      • ‘When the financing and organization to put it to this use fell through, the building was sold to private developers who promptly and contrarily converted it into luxury condominiums in 1986.’
      • ‘New apartments and condominiums continue to flood the market despite the generally low occupancy rates.’
      • ‘Since she wanted to keep the house we stayed in, I went and rented a condominium studio apartment.’
      • ‘But if this lot were in downtown Toronto, planners and politicians would let you build 274 condominiums, 225 hotel suites and 39 corporate suites.’
      • ‘Thunder Ridge Chalets in Fernie, a deluxe complex of condominiums just a slide away from ski lifts.’
      • ‘Construction permits have been awarded for fewer than 1,400 out of the 12,000 or so households who want their apartments or condominiums repaired.’
      • ‘Banglamung police were called to a condominium in Naklua after cleaning staff reported the death of one of the residents.’
      • ‘But last week, Michelle Cohen, a public relations executive recently hired by Grand Center, said the ‘Media Box’ is a building that will hold a design studio and apartments or condominiums.’
      • ‘Contemporary apartments and condominiums are even less likely than single-family dwellings to have Japanese-style rooms.’
      • ‘She was living in a condominium that she had purchased with the assistance of her father who gave her a gift of $32,000 for the down payment.’
      • ‘Furthermore, it is estimated that more than 50% of new homes being built in and around major metropolitan areas in the U.S. are condominiums, etc.’
      • ‘Villas, apartments and condominiums are scattered along a delightful waterway most with their boats moored only metres away…’
      • ‘Balanky said last month that he also expected to develop 216 condominiums on 12 acres near the lake.’
      • ‘There go the houses and condominiums, the gold bracelets and expensive watches, the worn but still wearable wardrobe and, last but not least, common sense and healthy cautiousness.’
      • ‘Pulte plans four 40-unit, four-story condo buildings totaling 160 condominiums of two or three bedrooms.’
      • ‘Specifically designed for smaller homes, apartments, condominiums, and mobile homes.’
      • ‘She plans to move her mother into a condominium.’
      • ‘The proposed tower will house 104 condominiums.’
    2. 1.2mass noun The system of ownership by which condominiums operate, in which owners have full title to the individual apartment or house and an undivided interest in the shared parts of the property.
      • ‘A condominium property was built on these lands.’
      • ‘Mr. Bagot has management experience in conventional apartments, commercial, retail, condominium and affordable housing.’
      • ‘The project is a mixed-use tower to house the Skyscraper Museum, a public restaurant, condominium units, furnished apartments, and a Ritz-Carlton Hotel.’
      • ‘In 1994 he also owned a condominium property valued at $130,000 and mortgaged to the extent of $30,000 then.’
      • ‘Condo-hotels, as the name suggests, provide condominium ownership in a hotel-like setting and are a growing trend in property ownership.’
      • ‘There are plans in the works to build nine small corporate condominium hangars to house King Airs or small corporate jets.’
      • ‘For your parents, it would mean changing the ownership of their condominium from their individual names to the name of their revocable living trust.’
      • ‘In October, the news came that the 43,188-grt ship had been purchased by the present condominium owners from the original group of investors.’
      • ‘On cross-examination Rutherford was asked if he paid the woman $50, 000.00 for discounts she obtained for the defendants respecting their condominium.’
      • ‘He said that the market was further impeded by the lack of condominium law and property register law.’
      • ‘As noted in paragraph 17 above, the occupancy fee incorporates three components, namely, mortgage interest, condominium fees, and property taxes.’
      • ‘Foreigners may have freehold ownership of a condominium title, with a proportional or strata interest in common land.’
      • ‘Intending to attract the broad base of office workers in the Southpoint area, a housing developer wants to start work in July on a town house condominium community at Bonneval Road and Financial Way.’
      • ‘The estate consisted of two commercial properties, one very large plaza, and five residential condominium units together with cash, insurance, etc.’
      • ‘The applicant submitted that it is important to understand the centrality of the common expenses in the operation of the condominium corporation for the benefit of all of the owners.’
      • ‘On the residential side, the city approved more houses and apartments, but fewer condominium units.’
      • ‘He helped on the conversion to condominium apartments in 2003.’
      • ‘This was a property in Guelph zoned for two condominium towers with 176 units, 88 per tower.’
      • ‘It has a cooperative ownership structure, which differs from the usual condominium or planned-unit development setup.’
      • ‘Village Urban Neighborhoods, within about 536 acres, are closer to the center and will include more dense single-family, town house and condominium development.’
  • 2mass noun The joint control of a state's affairs by other states.

    • ‘Maybe we can have a joint condominium over Kashmir.’
    • ‘It is a mechanism to perpetuate the US - EU condominium in the global economy.’
    • ‘In 1906, a condominium between Britain and France was established for the New Hebrides islands.’
    • ‘The nuclear nations would move into this condominium state in a gradual way, undergoing quite intrusive United Nations inspections.’
    • ‘A condominium, however, should not become the sole focus of American efforts to create a new security architecture in the region, because better solutions are needed for the more immediate term.’
    • ‘The Sudan had long been run by British officials under cover of an Anglo-Egyptian condominium, but nationalism bloomed in both the Sudan and Egypt during the Second World War.’
    • ‘Competing British and French claims to the islands led to the formation of a condominium government, allowing for joint British-French rule in 1906.’
    • ‘If anything, new Europe - the Europe of the European Union - has been driven by the Franco-German condominium.’
    • ‘How will the conflicting principles underlying a realist major-power condominium and a liberal international nuclear-monitoring regime be reconciled?’
    • ‘In practice, however, he exercised extraordinary powers and directed the condominium government from Khartoum as if it were a colonial administration.’
    1. 2.1count noun A state so governed.
      ‘Sudan was from 1899 an Anglo-Egyptian condominium’
      • ‘For this they were offered some noncontiguous enclaves within an Israeli-controlled and Israeli-settled condominium.’
      • ‘In 1887, the British and French authorities agreed to share control over the islands and in 1906 established the joint condominium of New Hebrides.’
      • ‘Sudan was proclaimed a condominium in 1899 under British-Egyptian administration.’
      • ‘Sudan is conquered and proclaimed a Egyptian-British condominium.’


Early 18th century: modern Latin, from con- ‘together with’ + dominium ‘right of ownership’ (see dominion). condominium (sense 1) dates from the 1960s.