Definition of condenser in English:



  • 1An apparatus or container for condensing vapour.

    • ‘As the hot, high-pressure gas flows through the condenser, it radiates heat into the ambient air and cools down.’
    • ‘Alcohol vapor rising through the chamber gently extracts essential oils from the aromatics on its way to the condenser.’
    • ‘Check if the condenser has leaks; the refrigerant gas could freeze anything it contacts and could suffocate when inhaled.’
    • ‘However, when products of much higher purity are desired, part of the condensate has to be brought into contact with the vapor on its way to the condenser and recycled to the still pot.’
    • ‘The AC condenser cools the refrigerant and turns it to a liquid form.’
    • ‘The components were transported to the cryogenically cooled trap, via a condenser, to freeze out excess moisture.’
    • ‘Cooling towers and evaporative condensers should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year.’
    • ‘Water molecules are then separated from the air by a temperature-controlled condenser coil and released into a tank.’
    • ‘In the compressor, the gas is compressed before it is transferred to the condenser where actual heat dissipation occurs.’
    • ‘It looked just like ammonia, clear drops rolling down the cold condenser and dripping into the round-bottom flask below.’
    • ‘Still impure, the gas was then passed through condensers and scrubbers to remove tar, and then through iron oxide purifiers to remove other impurities.’
    • ‘The steam was then piped to the condenser, where it was converted back into water.’
    • ‘The condenser fan is located on the back of the appliance near the bottom, behind a fiberboard panel.’
    • ‘The engine room consisted of two sets of parallel boilers and two huge sets of condensers and depending upon which way you swim from the crank shaft you can work out which way you are going.’
    • ‘Blowers push the now-saturated air into a condenser, the first stage in a process that forces the moisture to condense as fresh water.’
    • ‘As the refrigerant condenses, it gives off heat in the condenser / heat exchanger (the black pipes on the back of your refrigerator).’
    • ‘Whipping our group past mash tuns and alembic condensers, the guide points us towards the main event, the tasting room.’
    • ‘Distillation equipment and condensers should possess good thermal conductivity.’
    • ‘Rounding out this system are six ice water chillers and 15 evaporative condensers.’
    • ‘The heat gathered from the evaporator is expelled through the condenser, where the refrigerant is liquefied in the process.’
  • 2A lens or system of lenses for collecting and directing light.

    • ‘DIC was used again to focus and align the bleach spot by closing the aperture and focusing the condenser.’
    • ‘After passing a condenser, light was focused on a field stop, and directed by a second condenser to a dichroic beam splitter into the objective and the interface.’
    • ‘Ceiling systems - light condensers - combine artificial and natural light for the two top floors of temporary exhibition galleries.’
    • ‘A halogen bulb provided the light directed to the muscle fibers by a condenser lens.’
    • ‘Transmitted laser light was collected by the condenser (Zeiss, oil immersion, NA 1.4).’
    • ‘He also made practical improvements in microscope design including, in 1870, the use of a condenser to give a high-powered even illumination of the field of view.’
    • ‘The microscope condenser collects this light.’
    • ‘To exactly determine the laser intensity in the objective focus, the transmission of the objective was measured by replacing the condenser with an identical objective and measuring the transmitted light.’
    • ‘The microscope condenser lens and custom lenses relay forward-scattered light to a quadrant photodiode detector mounted above the microscope stage.’
  • 3

    another term for capacitor
    • ‘Noise in condenser microphones can be elusive.’
    • ‘They found ‘an ohmmeter, a rheostat, a condenser, and a magnetic interrupter’ but found nothing in the machine that could either read or send energy waves as Abrams had been claiming.’
    • ‘Next to the tower were enormous condensers and transformers, several steam engines to provide the power, as well as extensive machine shops and much other equipment.’
    • ‘When the diaphragm vibrates under the action of a sound wave, the current in the circuit varies due to the varying capacitance of the condenser.’
    • ‘But they talk of transformers, coils and condensers like other women would talk of cooking and sewing.’
    • ‘And the first thing he wanted us to do was to look for electronic components, such as vacuum tubes, resistors or condensers because I think he said something like this is part of a flying saucer.’
    • ‘Some did, however, and found a weird jumble of ohmmeters, rheostats, condensers, and other parts wired together in an incomprehensible manner.’
    • ‘The capacitance density of the newly created condenser achieved 300 nano-farad/cm2, a high level that is ideal for practical use.’
    • ‘It used vacuum tubes, condensers, punch cards, and mercury delay lines for memory, but something better was needed.’
    • ‘The new technologies makes it possible to embed passive components such as condensers into printed circuit boards, such as FR4, thereby achieving miniaturization and cost reductions of circuit boards.’
    • ‘Fortunately the mic head and condenser element hadn't gone in; just the transmitter belt-pack.’
    • ‘Instead of taking the sound mix off the house mixing board, as is done with ‘standard’ concert videos, the performances are recorded right on stage with condenser mics.’
    • ‘Replacement for your AC condensers, alternator, catalytic converters, exhaust manifold and radiators are also available at the store.’
    • ‘Included in their list are A / C condensers, alternators, bumpers, carpets, catalytic converters, cowl top panels, door handles, engine parts, exhaust manifolds, fenders, grilles, mirrors, and radiators.’
    • ‘And crawling amongst the condensers and computer part compost piles must be creepy crawly creatures of unascertainable numbers and lethalness.’
    • ‘They offer everything from Honda A / C condensers to Honda wheels.’