Definition of condemned cell in English:

condemned cell


  • A prison cell in which a prisoner who has received a death sentence is kept.

    • ‘I hate to admit it but I feel almost afraid, as if I'm waiting in a condemned cell for the arrival of an executioner.’
    • ‘You can vividly make out something being dragged across the floor of what used to be the condemned cell.’
    • ‘When a distinguished prisoner escaped from the condemned cell, he accepted a bribe from a colleague to declare that the man had drowned.’
    • ‘After the interrogation, they brought Rafe to the condemned cells in the tower to await his execution.’
    • ‘You can go and see his condemned cell in the Castle Museum, as usual.’
    • ‘Ellis spent three weeks and three days in the condemned cell in Holloway Prison.’
    • ‘Sentenced to death after a cursory trial, Barry would wait 11 days in the condemned cell in Mountjoy before being executed on November 1.’


condemned cell