Definition of concretely in English:



  • 1In a definitive or conclusive way.

    ‘a very real need to think concretely about the issues’
    • ‘A prestigious publication more easily establishes the value of the idea and concretely illustrates the project's practicality.’
    • ‘The first law to be concretely utilized was the one for the election of the mayors.’
    • ‘Arguments over the range grew out of ideas about property and more concretely how they bear upon who gets what.’
    • ‘Content can be matched to therapy issues analogically as well as concretely.’
    • ‘Even if the advantages are difficult to be evaluated concretely, they may provide a trade-off between code manageability and loss of resources.’
    • ‘More concretely, the Internet does pose plenty of problems for non-English speakers.’
    • ‘Short-term collaboration among small groups of service-providing agencies emerged around concretely defined, shared goals.’
    • ‘Imagine my surprise to find an article by two consultants that concretely describes what I had only vaguely felt.’
    • ‘Perhaps indeterminacy is easier to talk of in the abstract than to analyze concretely.’
    • ‘These cases are useful in illustrating more concretely industry's response to the changing environment of Asia Pacific following the crisis.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that is material or physical.
      ‘these moments are captured concretely and indelibly on film’
      • ‘The clam chowder might have put the institution on the map, but its oyster stew connects it concretely to the place—the oyster beds are just around the point.’
      • ‘I will present an integrated approach to treating addictions and will apply it concretely stage by stage.’
      • ‘Was there literally an instruction to the artists that there has to be something overtly, concretely muscular happening in each image?’
      • ‘Engaging in conceptual or philosophical (rather than concretely architectural) experiments, she forces architecture to examine the importance of temporality.’
      • ‘When someone consumes a house, they do concretely record a tax deduction on their 1040 and pay less taxes.’
      • ‘In very real ways, the costs of production have been concretely mapped onto the human body—in the form of broken limbs, crushed skulls, and crippling.’
      • ‘They have developed a charting technique by which the juvenile can concretely visualize the events and feelings leading up to firesetting.’
      • ‘His talent has always been more aural than lyrical, but he's never shaped his sounds more concretely than here.’
      • ‘In later research, the group established that synesthesia is not only consistent across time but also concretely measurable in the brain.’
      • ‘The film contains some excellent little neighborhood shots, but nothing that concretely places the flick in the Windy City.’