Definition of concert party in English:

concert party


  • 1A group of performers giving variety concerts.

    • ‘This l92Os men's concert party features stalwarts of Fell Lane Methodist Chapel.’
    • ‘Some of the airmen brought their musical instruments, and in the desert formed a concert party and camp orchestra for the squadron's entertainment.’
    • ‘It was a BBC sitcom about a wartime concert party posted in India.’
    • ‘In 1936 he turned professional comic with the Fol-De-Rols concert party.’
    • ‘Even the Christmas special - in which the smokers puff anxiously away as they await their turn performing in the awful staff concert party - steered clear of the slightest hint of seasonal cheer.’
    • ‘With encouragement from the audience and a few quips from me it took me back to my old concert party days.’
    • ‘I was on the buses during the war, and I played for the concert party for years.’
    • ‘In 1942 they were sent to Tunisia in North Africa where, as well as being involved in heavy fighting, they managed to form a concert party in which Bill and a colleague became known as the North African Western Brothers.’
    • ‘I had 4 years at the Guildhall then marriage followed and the birth of my 2 darling children but at the same time I sang in concert party where I learned to overcome my nerves.’
    • ‘We had a visiting concert party come to entertain us and this was quite an event, as we did not often merit a troupe of professional entertainers coming way out into the bush.’
    • ‘Pierrot was a stock character in French and English theatre; by the late 19th century he was a versatile member of an organised concert party, wearing the distinctive Pierrot costume and performing in summer resorts.’
    • ‘The humour centres on the exploits of a Royal Artillery concert party, and their hapless attempts to boost the morale of troops stationed in colonial India during the Second World War.’
    • ‘We have [the] Tour de Force military concert party coming up from Australia, and we are moving out of our camp as it is closing.’
    • ‘They gave items at special functions and formed a concert party with local artists.’
    • ‘‘My father used to run a boys' concert party in Pudsey and it was musicals that got me started at the theatre,’ he said.’
    • ‘Spike Milligan, in the last volume of his war memoirs, is sent there with a concert party: ‘Wasn't the city resting on piles?’’
    • ‘The concert party creators, then, constructed performances that incorporated or omitted certain aspects of other cultures and practices in order to ‘reinvent’ what they deemed to be modern.’
    • ‘The brothers reunited during the Second World War to present a puppet show and, after Fred died working in a circus, Joe continued to appear in a concert party.’
    • ‘Wally wants to hear from any Heritage readers who remember The Braganzians concert party, which he joined after leaving the army in 1949.’
    • ‘He added: ‘I have not spoken to the Italian concert party for some weeks.’’
  • 2Stock Market
    A number of parties who separately invest in a company with the concealed intention of using their holdings as a single block.

    • ‘But Minton is seen as well-placed to restore the company's fortunes, in the light of persistent stake-building by a concert party involving Bernander and the Swedish-owned paper company of which he is chairman, Klippan.’
    • ‘The consortium has the support of a further 2.5 per cent through concert parties.’
    • ‘For one thing, the European Union does not take kindly to cartels; and for another the US is far too big to get a publishers' concert party off the ground.’
    • ‘One financial expert said that the Hearts situation raised a raft of corporate governance issues, including the possibility of concert parties and the sale of a further 20% stake to Romanov triggering a bid for the company.’
    • ‘The bank disclosed its interest in the Valentia concert party, but only revealed the full extent of its holding on August 7 in order to comply with company law.’
    • ‘But the bid never came, and earlier this month Alfredo Canessa, an executive who heads the Ballantyne brand, withdrew from the concert party.’
    • ‘Bond market sources have told The Sunday Business Post that a concert party is being formed among bondholders, led by the financial services group Orix.’
    • ‘They include Comsource, which controls 30 per cent of Eircom shares, and concert parties, which include the independent directors of Eircom, who control 2.5 per cent of Eircom.’
    • ‘In an implicit rebuke to the company, the Takeover Panel said it should have been made aware of those directors' intentions to resign in advance of considering the concert party issue.’


concert party