Definition of concerning in English:



  • On the subject of or in connection with; about.

    ‘we are given little information concerning matters of national security’
    • ‘We are asking for more information concerning this camp to be forwarded to us.’
    • ‘Insofar as you seek to raise arguments concerning that matter, they have no prospect whatever of succeeding.’
    • ‘The government is soon set to make its decisions on how to address guideline prices and other issues concerning the auctioneering business.’
    • ‘Further subjects are meant to allow us to engage in more depth with the primary sources and secondary debates concerning a specific subject.’
    • ‘If the dealership was removed from the criminal world and placed in its own legal one, there would be more respect for the law concerning other drugs.’
    • ‘Serious meetings are under way concerning the proposals that have been published in the discussion paper.’
    • ‘In a letter of June, 1815, Rossini wrote to a poet concerning a proposed libretto for a new work for Rome.’
    • ‘Eleven states also had proposals concerning this subject on their ballots.’
    • ‘Why does everything concerning the subject of love have to be so impossible to figure out?’
    • ‘I decided to see our local commander concerning this matter and to seek some explanation from him as to the behaviour of this officer.’
    • ‘Intellectuals of the era questioned traditional feudal ideas, including those concerning the roles of family members and women's social status.’
    • ‘This acceptance was subject to several reservations concerning the supremacy of Community law in Italy.’
    • ‘The courts have been called upon to make similar judgements in a number of cases concerning children.’
    • ‘There was no prior discussion with our authors concerning the content of their essays.’
    • ‘Complex issues concerning the organisational and political aspects of the dialogue are unlikely to be resolved in three days of talks.’
    • ‘Secondly, I'm interested in matters concerning copyright and intellectual property.’
    • ‘"The union has many regulations and requirements concerning the free movement of goods and people," he said.’
    • ‘They had passed the risk assessments concerning food safety and direct environmental harm.’
    • ‘The faculty is really not subject to much oversight concerning these major changes in direction.’
    about, regarding, on the subject of, relating to, relevant to, with regard to, as regards, to do with, with reference to, referring to, with respect to, respecting, as to, touching on, in the matter of, in connection with, re, apropos of
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  • Causing anxiety; worrying.

    ‘I find many of the comments very concerning’
    ‘a concerning breach of security’
    • ‘While these incidences are currently small in number, they are extremely concerning.’
    • ‘She lies to everyone, but most concerning is that she lies to herself.’
    • ‘There wasn't anything unusual or concerning about the exchange.’
    • ‘Previous research found concerning levels of inorganic arsenic linked to rice and rice products.’
    • ‘We are starting to have a concerning rainfall deficit.’
    • ‘This is an important and concerning finding, particularly in light of the hours that youth spend playing these games.’
    • ‘The police department has observed a concerning increase in the numbers of heroin overdoses in the community.’
    • ‘This pattern of behaviour is somewhat concerning.’
    • ‘Barrie is the only defenseman with a goal this season - a statistic that's more than concerning.’
    • ‘His record and past statements are extremely concerning to me.’
    alarming, concerning, worrisome, daunting, perturbing, trying, taxing, vexatious, niggling, bothersome, troublesome, unsettling, harassing, harrying, harrowing, nerve-racking
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