Definition of conceptualization in English:


(also conceptualisation)


mass noun
  • 1The action or process of forming a concept or idea of something.

    ‘our experience is beyond any conceptualization’
    as modifier ‘the conceptualization phase’
    • ‘The features here regard development by looking at the conceptualization of an animated motion picture.’
    • ‘He has overseen the conceptualization, development, and introduction of numerous award-winning products from this global music technology company since 1992.’
    • ‘His consultancy is concerned with museum design and exhibition conceptualization and production.’
    • ‘With this equipment, a drastic reduction in technical range corresponds with an increased emphasis on conceptualization.’
    • ‘His intricate works combine his training as a painter with the spatial conceptualization of a sculptor.’
    • ‘I maintain that the single greatest weakness of our empirical work is insufficient conceptualization.’
    • ‘The role of the group and their management and conceptualization of the project has been underreported.’
    • ‘This indeterminacy was key to the supervisor's conceptualization of the effects for the film.’
    • ‘Learners are allowed to test the conceptualizations they formed during the previous phase.’
    • ‘She is the brain behind the conceptualization of this latest gallery that promises to showcase new media art.’
    1. 1.1count noun An abstract idea or concept of something.
      ‘a new conceptualization of national identity’
      • ‘It attends to the way in which feminist thinking has intervened in poets' conceptualizations of the lyric subject.’
      • ‘He recognized that the changes to gender relations did not fundamentally alter the conceptualization of "women's work."’
      • ‘This perspective involves Hamlet's conceptualization of himself and his surroundings.’
      • ‘The conceptualization of the sacred is remarkably similar in otherwise very different creeds.’
      • ‘Following the learning process outlined in the five R's allows for improvements in education by improving the application and conceptualization of knowledge.’
      • ‘This adds an important feature to the conceptualization of spectatorship.’
      • ‘Subsequent viewing reveals fascinating conceptualizations of mid-1930s America and staggering images in narrative and dance.’
      • ‘They influence his behavior and his conceptualization of the world.’
      • ‘The conceptualizations that philosophy offers are not adequate to the sudden death of a loved one, nor the anguish in families that follows.’
      • ‘This becomes crucial when considering the genealogy of poststructuralist theorizing that contests modernist conceptualizations of power.’