Definition of concentration in English:



  • 1mass noun The action or power of focusing all one's attention.

    ‘she was frowning in concentration’
    • ‘If he can keep his total focus and concentration, it could be another breakthrough event for the Aussie.’
    • ‘The best poems in allegedly free verse, then, control our attention, direct our concentration in the same ways that older verse-forms did.’
    • ‘This test relies on attention and concentration, auditory comprehension, short-term memory, and abstract reasoning.’
    • ‘Rather, he made a mistake - due to a lack of focus, concentration or skill.’
    • ‘Instinct would tell you that those eyes demanded your total concentration and attention.’
    • ‘We don't have any sprinters to contest these stages, so we just focus on keeping our concentration and staying out of trouble again tomorrow.’
    • ‘There was extra pressure being a home player but Lilian turned on that focus, that concentration and was in control throughout the competition.’
    • ‘Elite athletes learn to focus their concentration so that they pay attention only to the things which will help them succeed.’
    • ‘Mental practice and imagery are helpful, in part, because they develop the skills of concentration and focus.’
    • ‘This exercise will enhance your powers of attention and concentration.’
    • ‘Monaco is a very unforgiving circuit that requires total concentration and focus from everyone involved for the whole weekend.’
    • ‘Although this would not have caused death it could have impaired their attention, concentration, co-ordination and ability to make reasoned decisions.’
    • ‘Hypnosis is a heightened state of concentration and focused attention.’
    • ‘And I learned a valuable lesson in self-management, focus and concentration while on the job.’
    • ‘It requires application and concentration and attention to detail.’
    • ‘Practicing the asanas teaches total concentration and focus of the mind, control of the breath and every part of the body in a mindful and conscious relaxation.’
    • ‘The intense sensory flood tugged at his focus, at his concentration, at his sanity - he had become so much larger than his body.’
    • ‘Daily attention to diet and exercise will improve focus and concentration.’
    • ‘He worked at Minoie's back for a few minutes in total concentration, focusing on nothing more than helping his new friend.’
    • ‘Lack of sleep can affect adolescents' cognitive function, concentration and attention, alertness, and ability to perform in school.’
    close attention, close thought, attentiveness, application, industry, assiduousness, single-mindedness, absorption, engrossment
    focusing, centring, centralization, direction
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    1. 1.1concentration on/upon Dealing with one particular thing above all others.
      ‘concentration on the needs of the young can mean that the elderly are forgotten’
      • ‘Indeed, there have been a number of backlashes to this concentration on collective guilt and the Third Reich.’
      • ‘Meditation and direct experience were emphasized over concentration on studying the texts.’
      • ‘Part of the reason for more concentration on mackerel is that there are problems in the anchovy fishery.’
      • ‘In mid-1944, Roosevelt interrupted his concentration on war and diplomacy to consider election-year politics.’
      • ‘The concentration on theory makes for a dry, cerebral read.’
      • ‘Their organizers aren't apologists for concentration or vertical integration.’
      • ‘We focused on discipline and total concentration on the ball.’
      • ‘That figure reflected concentration on schemes where the properties that benefit are grouped together geographically so that several can benefit from a single scheme of alleviation.’
      • ‘What recommends his book above all else is its painstaking concentration on what is truly significant in O'Connor's symbolism.’
      • ‘‘There is a concentration on building mass transportation systems,’ he says.’
      • ‘In the media coverage of the election, Mr Durkan's concentration on messages helped to develop a climate where debate on such issues was minimised.’
      • ‘There is certainly a Dominican flavour to this extract's combination of emotive concentration on the Passion with careful analysis of causes and parts.’
      • ‘It finds a fine balance between concentration on characters and integration of spatial detail to chart the painful severance of the friendship between the Prince and Falstaff.’
      • ‘Video thus fits well with Varda's explicit concentration on the process of gathering images, and on gleaning as a way of operating within the world rather than transforming it as a whole.’
      • ‘Once their main concentration had been on being able to be together, but only now did the pair realize and understand how great happiness often came at a great price.’
  • 2A close gathering of people or things.

    ‘the island has the greatest concentration of seabirds in the north-west’
    • ‘Khan said that the tensions cannot be reduced as long as the concentration of the Indian troops on the borders continues.’
    • ‘Another is that Iraq is going to be vulnerable to its neighbors for a long time, and a big concentration of American troops is good insurance against that.’
    • ‘They have more supporters, and of course there isn't the concentration of U.S. troops on the ground in that very mountainous and difficult area.’
    • ‘It has one of the largest concentrations of brownfield sites in the country.’
    • ‘The area borders the Dales and already has one of the highest concentrations of millionaires in the country.’
    • ‘Around sunrise, the concentration of geese we'd hoped would keep our barrels warm lifted off its roost and, in steady waves, flew away.’
    • ‘Out in front were the destroyers, cruisers and battleships and behind moved the concentration of troop and supply ships.’
    • ‘The lowest concentrations were found in the inner rings close to the stump.’
    • ‘It is difficult to identify fish which have high concentrations of toxins in their system.’
    • ‘He told us that during the briefing, they were shown photos showing a concentration of German troops in the city, plus an armaments factory situated there.’
    • ‘So in other words, concentrations of sea birds may start at the edge of one of these gyres.’
    • ‘It is an open area where the concentration of shops means that people congregate.’
    • ‘The most that intelligence could provide was some idea as to the concentration of troops at various points along the line, which might give some indication as to the timing and direction of future attacks.’
    • ‘Between five and seven o'clock, the intense concentration of audiences in various rooms and theaters around the building was broken by the band sound checking in the Main Hall.’
    • ‘A side thought: has any teenage girl been subjected to such a concentration of peril as Jack's daughter Kim in a time frame spanning a mere 27 hours?’
    • ‘Now, traditionally, we believe that there's been a high concentration of suspected al Qaeda operatives in the northwest of Pakistan in the tribal areas.’
    • ‘The GRU also received abundant reports about German troop concentrations on the Eastern Front.’
    • ‘Manchester has some of the highest concentrations of child poverty in Britain, a new study has found.’
    • ‘Bush now admits that huge concentrations of US troops will remain in Iraq for many years.’
    • ‘Should the State continue in the concentration of lands in Arab populated areas in order to provide land for the building of Jewish settlements and State facilities?’
    gathering, cluster, mass, flock, congregation, assemblage, assembly, collection
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    1. 2.1mass noun The action of gathering together closely.
      ‘the concentration of power in the hands of nobles’
      • ‘Moreover, local concentration where mergers do occur does not bring higher profitability.’
      • ‘The Consumer Commission says it's watching this growing concentration closely but at the same time has just given Coles the green light to snap up the independent chain, Theos.’
      • ‘But at the same time I don't think the current ordinary quality of political reporting can be excused on the basis of the concentration of commercial media ownership.’
      • ‘Kroes said she would tackle the issue of market concentration by scrutinising future mergers more meticulously.’
      • ‘The one condition produced a concentration of power and responsibility that impoverished private effort and initiative without creating public energy or public wealth.’
      • ‘We can now block mergers that unduly increase concentration in the Australian market, unless there is a justification.’
      • ‘There has been increased concentration and vertical integration in this industry.’
      • ‘Ore treatment at the Tomboy mill was by amalgamation and concentration until 1912, when cyanidization was added to the processes utilized.’
      • ‘Muegge held his tongue as Good Old Harry publicly pontificated on the wisdom of ag globalization, integration and concentration.’
      • ‘The biggest wave of mergers since the late 1800s has pushed economic concentration in all sectors onto center stage.’
      • ‘Aircoach should concentrate on locations with significant catchments - where people have reasons to gather - such as hotels and areas of business concentration.’
      • ‘They're gathering information from producers who are concerned about concentration.’
      • ‘The French attempted to save time by combining mobilization and concentration.’
      • ‘Maybe because most of us have lived with the twin forces of economic concentration and vertical integration we've been in a state of denial.’
      • ‘In contrast, Krugman argues that trade integration will lead to regional concentration of industrial activities.’
      • ‘The resulting mergers will cause even more concentration and even less liberal views.’
      • ‘An amalgamation and concentration mill was built at the mouth of the basin, and the concentrate was packed by mule down to Telluride.’
      • ‘The President's concentration of power is stifling his country's transition to democracy.’
  • 3The relative amount of a particular substance contained within a solution or mixture or in a particular volume of space.

    ‘the gas can collect in dangerous concentrations’
    • ‘No fungal growth was usually detected above this concentration.’
    • ‘They also detected high concentrations of lead and other heavy metals.’
    • ‘Young et al recently described a patient with sarcoidosis who had a parathyroid hormone concentration above normal.’
    • ‘The resting concentration has to be close to the physiological level and the priming time course is quite slow.’
    • ‘Above this protein concentration, an additional binding mode was observed, which will be described in another section.’
    • ‘If a diuretic is used, potassium concentrations should be kept as close as possible to normal.’
    • ‘Above this peptide concentration, surface pressures are effectively constant.’
    • ‘If this concentration is above the legal limit, the plasma membrane denies an exit visa for toxic waste inside the cell until conditions outside the cell improve.’
    • ‘The oilsands deposit is close to the surface and contains a high concentration of oil, making it ideally suited to mining.’
    • ‘Again, as expected, the low concentration results closely agree with HPC theory.’
    • ‘This map shows the concentration of water vapour close to the soil around the equatorial region of Mars.’
    • ‘This means that there is a higher concentration of phosphorus close to shore where Cladophora algae grows.’
    • ‘An increase in creatinine concentration 30% above the baseline value requires further assessment.’
    • ‘In this context it is interesting to consider the effect of PsbS concentration on NPQ.’
    • ‘Approximately a quarter of all British tap water contains pesticides at levels above maximum admissible concentration set by the EC for our safety.’
    • ‘One of the roles of crystallins is to pack closely enough to minimize concentration fluctuations in the cytoplasm in order to reduce scatter of transmitted light.’
    • ‘The patient who was negative for the test and positive for the gold standard had a troponin T concentration just above the upper limit of normal.’
    • ‘But when animals are close together in a feedlot, there is enough concentration of ammonia emissions that some of it can travel farther afield.’
    • ‘Currently a clozapine plasma concentration above 350 ng/ml appears to have the greatest potential benefit.’
    • ‘Fertilisers contain high concentrations of nitrogen to help promote the growth of crops.’
    1. 3.1mass noun The action of strengthening a solution by the removal or reduction of the diluting agent or by the selective accumulation of atoms or molecules.
      ‘by concentration of cell contents and supercooling, frost-hardened plant tissues survive temperatures down to −10°C’
      • ‘The actual K + concentration of this solution was determined with an atomic absorption spectrometer.’
      • ‘At this exposure concentration of fine zinc oxide, we did not observe an effect, and we did not observe any increased response to ultrafine zinc oxide versus fine zinc oxide.’
      • ‘Recovery of hesperidin from orange peel by concentration of extracts on styrene-divinylbenzene resin.’
      • ‘A stir bar in the cuvette ensures uniform concentration of the solution during light exposure.’
      • ‘Warfarin plasma concentration and vitamin K content in the ginseng extract were assessed by validated HPLC assays.’
      • ‘This paper describes a procedure for recovering hesperidin from the waste water of orange juice processing, namely, yellow water, by concentration of diluted extracts on styrene-divinylbenzene resin.’
      • ‘The reduction in salt concentration compensated for the osmotic effect of dextran.’
      • ‘Reduction in dose, concentration, and/or rate of administration in patients at risk for renal failure is suggested to reduce the risk.’
      • ‘The pH profile also indicates that the reaction is first-order in hydrogen ion concentration.’
      • ‘The members of Group I, represented by Paloemonetes, respond to eyestalk removal by dispersion of the dark pigment and to injection of eyestalk extract by concentration of the pigment.’
      • ‘The second pathway is slower and independent of benzene concentration.’
      • ‘There is no evidence for simple osmotic effects since dramatic changes in Tris buffer concentration did not change nuclear size.’