Definition of concealed carry in English:

concealed carry


mass nounNorth American
  • The practice of carrying a concealed firearm on one's person in public.

    ‘concealed carry is legal in the vast majority of states’
    Compare with open carry
    as modifier ‘a concealed carry permit’
    • ‘Minnesota requires those seeking a concealed-carry permit to take a six-hour certification class.’
    • ‘Defense and concealed-carry pistols are our top sellers by far.’
    • ‘As an increasing number of states have authorized concealed-carry for lawful citizens, compact semiauto pistols have skyrocketed in popularity.’
    • ‘How does the Guardian stack up as a defensive firearm for concealed carry?’
    • ‘Some new to concealed carry are afraid of being disarmed when in a struggle.’
    • ‘The rules attempted to define concealed carry yet allow makers freedom to innovate.’
    • ‘If you carry a handgun you do so to protect and serve the public or you possess a concealed carry permit to protect yourself and your loved ones.’
    • ‘The market for concealed-carry handguns and self-defense tools is stronger than ever.’
    • ‘New Mexico becomes the 34th state to adopt concealed-carry legislation.’
    • ‘Before the new law, police officials decided who would receive a concealed-carry permit.’
    • ‘A properly designed concealed-carry holster should make your handgun invisible.’
    • ‘If passed, the proposal would free judges from such restrictions as background checks, waiting periods and concealed carry weapons permits.’
    • ‘Everything about it is designed with concealed carry in mind.’
    • ‘This can help a dealer cater to savvy, concealed-carry customers.’
    • ‘This is one area where women actually have more concealed-carry choices than men.’
    • ‘This isn't intended to be a concealed carry rig.’
    • ‘They're producing high quality, nice looking outer garments specifically designed for concealed carry.’
    • ‘For day in and day out concealed carry a small handgun is most desirable.’
    • ‘The concealed-carry market continues to grow.’
    • ‘Several of the ladies sought me out for advice on selecting a handgun for concealed carry.’