Definition of concavo-concave in English:



  • another term for biconcave
    • ‘This cut-off substance forms itself (according to circumstances) into lenticular shapes of various forms, such as double convex or convexo-convex, double concave or concavo-concave, piano-concave and piano-convex, diverging meniscus, and converging meniscus.’
    • ‘The concavo-concave shape of the anticlinal cell walls adjacent to the guard cells, reflects the bowed shape of the guard cells.’
    • ‘This contact opening 8 has a concavo-concave shape; that is, both sides of the opening have a concave shape.’
    • ‘Openings are made having concavo-concave profiles which can provide a wider conducting cross-sectional area.’
    • ‘The junctions with spacings of 5-30 mum presented concavo-concave morphologies, and the spacings could be changed with the growth conditions.’