Definition of conacre in English:



mass noun
  • (in Ireland) the letting by a tenant of small portions of land prepared for crops or grazing.

    • ‘The most common change is new land being rented or existing conacre agreements ending.’
    • ‘In addition, conacre or rented land that is no longer being farmed must be removed from the REPS plan.’
    • ‘The trade's effort to set a price of 82.50 per tonne for green barley will force many cereal growers out of business as up to 40% of the land being farmed is conacre.’
    • ‘Farmers had a cheap and abundant workforce, based on conacre, a form of bonded labour in return for small plots of potato land.’
    • ‘An annually changing proportion of pasture and arable land is leased out each year, usually for an eleven-month period, in a traditional system known as conacre.’
    • ‘In the case of conacre there is no requirement to take soil samples provided the planner specifies P limits at or below the target Index level.’
    • ‘Mr Parlon said many of these farmers opt to rent their land through the short-term eleven-month conacre system.’
    • ‘A national survey of letting prices last week showed a big demand for grazing compared to tillage conacre.’
    • ‘When costs such as bank interest rates and conacre are taken into account, many of these farmers will be left in the red with the banks.’
    • ‘On occasions he uses conacre to fulfil the requirements of the beet contract.’


Early 19th century: from corn + acre.