Definition of con rod in English:

con rod


  • another term for connecting rod
    • ‘The con rods are high-strength forged steel that's treated with a carbon hardening process.’
    • ‘The con rod went through the bottom of the motor and scraped on the track.’
    • ‘There are sinter-forged con rods and a forged steel crank to deal with the furbocharged loads.’
    • ‘The problem was complicated because the con rods were just thrown into the bins, so there was considerable overlapping; the robot would need to determine which piece was on top and grasp it.’
    • ‘There are also modifications to the con rod and piston assembly aimed at reliability rather than outright performance.’
    • ‘Water doesn't compress and the piston in effect hits a wall, bending or breaking a con rod and possibly shattering the engine block.’
    • ‘The cylinders in the aluminum block have interference-fit cast iron liners; aluminum pistons with cracked-steel con rods ride in them.’
    • ‘As you are reducing the weight by 23% compared to aluminium this means that the con rod can be re-designed as it doesn't have to be quite so strong as the inertia is less.’
    • ‘But with the angle split rods on the 6.0L, the lower bearing cap mates to the main part of the con rod with cap screws secured in blind threaded holes.’
    • ‘The motor also boasts a reinforced engine block with increased coolant flow, a forged steel crankshaft, high-strength con rods, improved pistons, a modified sump and hollow, sodium-filled intake and exhaust valve stems.’
    • ‘Forged powder metal con rods, while normal practice for gasoline engines, are novel in diesel applications.’
    • ‘But at the other end of the spectrum, a different grade of the material also goes into high-critical parts like bearing caps, con rods and helical gears.’


con rod