Definition of comradery in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • ‘the project created a real sense of comradery among those involved’
    another term for camaraderie
    • ‘Although the two had never met before they showed true Scouting comradery and really appreciated each other on the 26-mile course.’
    • ‘I knew this would be good for creating a sense of comradery!’
    • ‘The overall picture of enthusiastic male comradery is quite strong.’
    • ‘Some teams even take their comradery off the field and hang out together.’
    • ‘There is a depth and feeling of comradery which can see the tiny island nation genuinely compete on the world stage … and at both Test and one-day level.’
    • ‘Tom gave them a couple beeps of the horn as we went past, an acknowledgement of the comradery.’
    • ‘There was smiling and greeting and comradery all around as people milled around to see who else was there.’
    • ‘The architects rebuilding the Stoddard place enjoy great comradery between them.’
    • ‘She'll often use the tu word, instead of the formal vous, which suggests immediately comradery.’
    • ‘I can't find this kind of comradery with the fans of other popular sports.’


Late 19th century: from comrade + -ery, influenced by camaraderie.