Definition of comradely in English:



  • See comrade

    • ‘Sadly, Walzer has not profited from that comradely criticism.’
    • ‘Judy and Bubbles battle and evolve, through their rivalry, into a respectful and comradely self-awareness that bypasses and undercuts their earlier competition over men.’
    • ‘The alternative to this is not the cosy, comradely little agora of the ancient Athenians but streets filled with thousands shouting in favour of contradictory wishes and guided by neither agreed ethics nor law.’
    • ‘Now they seem to share a commonality as anonymous and comradely as the stream of old men, similarly shorn, walking blink-eyed from the Lind Road barber shop into the autumn sun.’
    • ‘One night, as the actors were dismantling the set for this watery spectacular, sharing comradely jokes as they went, someone observed that the get-out would make a great show in itself.’