Definition of computer model in English:

computer model


  • A representation of a system or process created on a computer, to assist calculations and predictions.

    ‘the software uses a computer model to forecast insect densities’
    • ‘He developed a computer model that can estimate the cost per gallon of ethanol if a new process were used to produce it.’
    • ‘He devised a computer model and used it to match musical notes to brain patterns.’
    • ‘We will build computer models and run simulations.’
    • ‘The scientists at this lab are experts in computer models.’
    • ‘The studies will provide detailed information to check the accuracy of computer models used for the national assessment.’
    • ‘Meteorologists employ computer models to predict the path of storms.’
    • ‘These detailed computer models help us determine how soil erosion and sediment loading change over time.’
    • ‘Based on the data now being collected, he hopes to construct a computer model of the buildings and how they fell.’
    • ‘There are some areas where real experiments are still very important and can't be replaced with computer models.’
    • ‘They are using the temperature data collected from aircraft to develop a computer model to predict patterns of evaporation.’