Definition of compulsory purchase in English:

compulsory purchase


mass nounBritish
  • The officially enforced purchase of privately owned land or property for public use.

    as modifier ‘the City Council has applied for a compulsory purchase order’
    • ‘The Council resolution authorised the purchase of affected properties by agreement in advance of any compulsory purchase order.’
    • ‘They were also double checking information about properties which will be acquired through compulsory purchase orders.’
    • ‘Pembrokeshire County Council has just agreed to acquire the property under compulsory purchase as part of the regeneration of the Dockyard.’
    • ‘However, the local council stepped in and purchased the land under a compulsory purchase order.’
    • ‘The Committee approved the use in principle of compulsory purchase powers subject to an indemnity.’
    • ‘If the plan gets the go-ahead compulsory purchase orders would have to be made to buy the land.’
    • ‘The authority has received a number of complaints because some of the buildings needed to make way for the project have been subject to compulsory purchase orders.’
    • ‘There are a lot of owner occupiers and every compulsory purchase order will be challenged at a public inquiry.’
    • ‘The moves will include an agreement to approve road closures where necessary and compulsory purchase orders on land and buildings.’
    • ‘A compulsory purchase order was then executed in accordance with the Act to acquire the necessary land.’
    • ‘The party is calling for much wider use of compulsory purchase orders, particularly to allow for the building of public housing.’
    • ‘They have the power to own and dispose of assets, including compulsory purchase with the consent of the Secretary of State.’
    • ‘It would mean compulsory purchase orders of land west of Thornton.’
    • ‘The announcement on Tuesday came as details of compulsory purchase orders for swathes of land earmarked by the scheme's planners were published.’
    • ‘At the moment 15 homes and a couple of sports clubs stand in the way of the scheme, but these are likely to be demolished if and when compulsory purchase orders are issued.’
    • ‘Council officers will meet residents at a public meeting on July 16 to explain how compulsory purchase orders work and what happens next.’
    • ‘Ultimately, however, in cases of outright conflict between the company and property owners compulsory purchase was enforced.’
    • ‘The main justification for the use of compulsory purchase powers here would be to achieve a comprehensive regeneration scheme.’
    • ‘Up to two years have been set aside by the RPA to deal with land acquisition and compulsory purchase orders.’
    • ‘It would not, for example, be able to purchase the site using compulsory purchase orders.’


compulsory purchase