Definition of compulsively in English:



  • 1In a way that results from or relates to an irresistible urge.

    ‘she exercised compulsively’
    ‘the students compulsively checked the time’
    • ‘The novel features a compulsively wisecracking, self-aware narrator.’
    • ‘You compulsively put stickers everywhere, in order to understand and remember.’
    • ‘Take my word for it, this is something you'll read compulsively.’
    • ‘She is compulsively driven to arrange marriages for her two nieces.’
    • ‘At other times, she compulsively rubs away at the mound of salt on which she sits.’
    • ‘I know now that I handled my fear in the past by practicing even more compulsively.’
    • ‘The paranoid and self-loathing protagonist compulsively bites her hands and tearfully recalls her history of failures and indignities.’
    • ‘You check your statement compulsively to see just how close you are to getting that flight to Hawaii.’
    • ‘Once you have read one review, you compulsively want to move to the next one.’
    • ‘He killed time swatting flies and compulsively swept the floor of his cell.’
  • 2In an irresistible way.

    ‘the show is compulsively watchable’
    • ‘It is as compulsively enjoyable as the juiciest tabloid, yet it also serves as a stunning indictment of our tabloid-crazed culture.’
    • ‘It is simply the most compulsively readable film reference book on the market.’
    • ‘It is languid, thought provoking, and compulsively interesting, but it won't be the most exciting film at the multiplex.’
    • ‘It can be kind of obsessively and compulsively rewarding.’
    • ‘This is an honorable and compulsively fascinating evening that disproves the notion that the playwright is merely a witty chronicler of mid-century, middle-class life.’
    • ‘This series is compulsively silly, isn't it?’
    • ‘Imaginative and cunning, his dark visions are compulsively watchable, if not exactly pleasant.’
    • ‘The scene is dramatic, intense, and compulsively rhythmic.’
    • ‘The texture and style of martial arts and action genres are made vividly new, compulsively entertaining, and exquisitely modern.’
    • ‘Freshly minted orchestral colors and lyrical vocal lines make the trip compulsively listenable.’