Definition of compressor in English:



  • 1An instrument or device for compressing something.

    • ‘The only real light was from the red and blue lights above my head and the green light from the compressors.’
    • ‘There is a little bit of outboard EQ and very few compressors in the monitor system.’
    • ‘Then I found the As Seen on TV Aisle and used the vacuum sealer and the food compressor to store as much fresh food as I could.’
    • ‘And I'm sure my compressor will lock up with sludge soon.’
    • ‘Packing compressors are zip bags that hold clothes.’
    • ‘Your order for 1200 Genome Intensity Emitter vents and 1500 DNA compressors have been received and are being manufactured.’
    1. 1.1 A machine used to supply air or other gas at increased pressure, e.g. to power a gas turbine.
      • ‘You could use an air compressor with a spray attachment or the traditional brush method.’
      • ‘I had some tools but needed to buy an air compressor and used table saw.’
      • ‘The on-board compressor then pumps the final pressures as a small inflatable ferries the divers back and forth.’
      • ‘They even carry bulky AC compressors or long plumbing pipes on these two-wheelers, as they weave in and out of your lane.’
      • ‘The finish can be applied with either a brush or an air compressor and spray gun.’
      • ‘The cooling system of a household refrigerator consists of a compressor, a metering device and two heat exchange coils, one each on the outside and inside of the refrigerator.’
      • ‘A variable displacement compressor includes a gas passage for connecting a discharge chamber with a crank chamber.’
      • ‘Since starting production in 1996, the factory has now produced over three million scroll compressors.’
      • ‘An air compressor with a nail gun will come in handy for nailing large flat areas like this.’
      • ‘Use the on-board air compressor to blast the dirt out of the cockpit.’
      • ‘The list of products on display also included plastics and packaging equipment, analytical instruments, air compressors, radiators and industrial bellows.’
      • ‘These include high-intensity discharge lights, compressors in refrigerated drinking fountains, ballasts in fluorescent lights and transformers in exit signs.’
      • ‘Marc, get the air hammers plugged into the compressor and hand out ear plugs to everyone.’
      • ‘There are cases when motorcycle shock systems are attached to an on-board compressor.’
      • ‘The cooler includes a variable displacement compressor for compressing refrigerant gas.’
      • ‘Check refrigerant because engine-driven compressors may have dried or leaked during an extended shutdown period.’
      • ‘He was further prosecuted for failing to have in his possession a certificate to show the air received through a compressor had been thoroughly cleaned and examined at least every 26 months.’
      • ‘This procedure, known as ‘aeration,’ requires some specialized equipment including automatic compressors, storage tanks, and mixers.’
      • ‘If the energy is transferred to the fluid, thereby increasing its pressure, the devices are called pumps, fans, or compressors.’
      • ‘Some of these systems contain hundreds of control loops to control compressors, fans, pumps and dampers, and each acts as though the others didn't exist.’
    2. 1.2 An electrical device which reduces the dynamic range of a sound signal.
      • ‘Keep in mind that what a compressor does is reduce the dynamic range of your recording - it makes the loudest parts quieter, and the quieter parts louder.’
      • ‘He inserts dbx 160SL compressors on the vocals and bass inputs, and assigns Drawmer gates for the drums, though these are all used sparingly.’
      • ‘Every audio channel has a compressor or expander, followed by a noise gate.’
      • ‘I have a couple of United Audio 175 tube compressors.’
      • ‘For dynamics, Wadi relies on dbx 160X and 900 compressors.’
      • ‘Thud is like a multiband compressor that tracks the input signal and dynamically boosts a band of frequencies from 100 Hz to 350 Hz.’
      • ‘Just because you have a fancy compressor doesn't mean you have to make the snare sound like a plank of wood slapping an old suitcase.’
      • ‘He keeps a number of the more dynamic elements under control with a complement of Drawmer gates and dbx 160 compressors.’
      • ‘His solution is to patch the compressor into the signal path after the fader.’
      • ‘From the top of the balcony, Howard manned the Ryman's 40-input Soundcraft Europa and an effects rack equipped with Yamaha and Lexicon processors and an assortment of dbx compressors, among other items.’
      • ‘I don't buy into the whole idea that expensive tube compressors make the band sound better.’
      • ‘Ravitch's effects rack included two dbx 160 Series compressors for Stipe's vocals: one on his Shure Beta 58A microphone and another for his wireless setup.’
      • ‘Kennedy and Earle also favored a Beatles-esque technique on some of their drum tracks, using Universal Audio 1176 compressors to emulate the sound the '60s group achieved with Fairchild limiters.’
      • ‘My only request would be to add an insert path and an in/out switch in the master fader section to use a stereo compressor and/or EQ.’
      • ‘This mastering process uses tools such as compressors, equalizers and limiters to reduce frequency and amplitude imbalances between tracks.’
      • ‘Monaghan's outboard gear comprises BSS FCS - 960 EQs and a selection of dbx compressors.’
      • ‘So my simple synth line is now crammed with compressors, flangers and distortion modules, all without it sounding the way I want it to.’
      • ‘Also at FOH are dbx 160 and 160XT compressor/limiters and a 166XL compressor / limiter/gate.’
      • ‘Carim Clasmann's musical youth was spent in German recording studios learning the alchemical business of faders, compressors and microphones.’
      • ‘Pressing the Set button determines the flexibility of the signal processing, such as placing the compressor before the EQ or splitting their functions.’