Definition of compression joint in English:

compression joint


  • A joint between two pipes made by tightening a threaded nut on to a metal ring, the compression thus caused creating the seal.

    • ‘Whenever tightening or undoing a compression joint, care must be taken to hold the fitting securely while the nuts are being moved.’
    • ‘No special preparation of the tube is necessary when assembling a compression joint other than that the pipe is cut square and is free from burrs.’
    • ‘While I'm off I shall have another go at a compression joint under the sink that refuses to seal and drips constantly.’
    • ‘The instructions below are for forming a compression joint between a copper tubing water-supply line from a toilet tank to the water-supply shutoff valve.’
    • ‘Upon completion of assembly the compression joint can be pressurised.’
    • ‘The only question left in my mind is what effect wetting the compression joints with some solder would have.’
    • ‘By cooling the disc the compression joint is realized.’
    • ‘Seeing as they were away, I could do little about it and had to fit the pipe extension with a compression joint rather than a soldered joint.’
    • ‘The compression joints are designed to be anti-static by using grounding strips to conduct any electricity away from the joint.’
    • ‘A hydraulic ram system applies force through specially shaped holders to the ends of fiberglass sucker rods having end connectors mounted by a combination of adhesive and compression joints.’