Definition of compote in English:



  • 1mass noun Fruit preserved or cooked in syrup.

    • ‘I decided to go for simplicity, and made compote, in the oven, pairing the rhubarb with some raspberries I had in the freezer.’
    • ‘And they were just perfect with the rhubarb and raspberry compote.’
    • ‘Spoon some blueberry compote in the center of a plate and set a large quenelle of lemon foam on top.’
    • ‘It was a lovely big breakfast - bacon, eggs, pancakes, fruit compote.’
    • ‘Serve it with a simple autumnal fruit compote spread into the soufflé itself.’
    • ‘Set two heaping spoonfuls of pastry cream and a spoonful of dried fig compote on top.’
    • ‘But the crowd-pleaser is lusciously roasted baby loin of pork, accompanied not only by sauerkraut and apple compote but by smoked sausage and two spare ribs.’
    • ‘Spoon some huckleberry compote on top and garnish with lemon zest.’
    • ‘This one was served in a small shot glass: a layer of quince compote and a layer of lemon jelly, topped with quince syrup.’
    • ‘In each of four shallow ramekins, spoon a fourth of the pear compote.’
    • ‘The cake was extremely dense and moist, and yet refreshing thanks to kumquats, with which I also made compote and served with the cake.’
    • ‘I rarely cook a cherry, though this year I made a compote by cooking the fruit, stone in, with a modicum of sugar until they bled deep red juice.’
    • ‘A few spoonfuls of this warm and soft compote, served in a glass and topped with a little dollop of crème fraîche, was unanimously described as a crustless tarte tatin - just what we needed.’
    • ‘To serve, place a dollop of compote in the middle of each plate.’
    • ‘Spoon a portion of plum compote onto the front of the plate and drizzle with syrup.’
    • ‘We liked the avocado and banana compote, the avocado adding an interesting twist to the other more ‘obvious’ flavors (banana, hazelnut and chocolate).’
    • ‘An almost candified fruit compote overwhelms a handsomely prepared pork loin, but keen balancing of a pale, licorice-scented fennel crust against an earthy port glaze complements roast salmon.’
    • ‘As they cook, the banana and pear slices fall into each other's arms, melding together in a luscious soft compote, while keeping their textural identities.’
    • ‘The best of this not very inspiring group is the fruit compote, a warm stew of raisins and cherries, topped with tangy cheesecake ice cream.’
    • ‘Place one tablespoon cherry compote on top of each goat cheese circle.’
  • 2A bowl-shaped dessert dish with a stem.

    • ‘Select a small, straight-sided glass vessel (a dessert bowl or fruit compote works well), cut the stems to the same length, and graduate the blossoms up the side of the bowl.’
    • ‘The pair of footed Vieux Paris compotes, filled with colorful pomegranates, bear the red stenciled mark first used by the Edouard Honore factory in 1824, and would have been made no later than 1840.’
    • ‘The electroplate manufacturers in North America in the late nineteenth century favored various plain square, oblong, and low round baskets and taller ones on a foot, resembling a compote.’
    • ‘Most aquamarine glass was used to make vases or compotes; the paperweight doorstop is an extremely rare form.’


Late 17th century: from French, from Old French composte ‘mixture’ (see compost).